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Oh God I wish it wasn’t me

“They say there’s always someone in a relationship who loves more, Oh God I wish it wasn’t me”. -Samantha Andrews (If Only movie)

The movie of Jennifer Love-Hewitt moved me but still it makes me sad. The quote above was from the movie. It is the one that Samantha wrote in her notebook. Some people wrote on their blogs about the movie and they quote the ending part where Ian (Samantha’s Boyfriend) say his feeling for her.

The movie was so sad yet meaningful, especially, when it comes about “time”. The time that every couple must have in their relationship. A relationship will work even if it is a long distance one when there is “Time” devoted. there should be a “Me Time”. Work and Everything will come after.

Oh God I wish it wasn’t me

It is really so hard to face something that you’re afraid of like, “breaking-up”. It hurts deeply when someone break your heart. Moving on is a two-syllable word that can easily be said but hard to be one.

No one can say when it will come to an end but be thankful and live fully until it lasts. No one will be so ready to face that you have fallen deeply to that person and he/she never give equally.

You just have to regret something like saying, “I wish I wasn’t fallen deeply”

I need you like a heartbeat

It hurts more when you see him/her walking away from you. It can kill you while watching them packed their things and moved out.

The ring that you used to wear will be no longer important. It will the be worn again. The anniversary dates will easily passes by and it will no longer belong to important date to remember every year.

His/her birthdays will always be a big sigh and that sigh is a silent message for him/her delivered by the winds.

Nothing could be more special to a person than to be loved.

How to save a life -The Fray

“They say there’s always someone in a relationship who loves more”

You are a lucky guy/girl if you are loved by a person so much. It will give his/her life for you to saved. Sometimes, those kind of people are very rare and you are really lucky if you have one.

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