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Hey! I know!

Hey! I’m still very much alive and kicking! (Just So You Know)

There are tons of things I wanna share so better to keep reading on my blog the following days for I am gonna tell you things that I did these past few days that I am gone here on WordPress.

I am thinking of buying a domain here in WordPress and because it is cheap. Whoever wanted to give some dollars from their piggy bank are welcome. :) I have some interesting things to share with you. Some are heartaches but full of realizations and some are literally full of excitement and happiness.

September and Christmas is coming

I am happy because it’s September! and since the month of September I am always doing a happy dance because this is my lucky month! I am turning 22 this month and I am stoked about it! I know I barely write but I always think about you because every time you visit my blog there is no update and here it is! I am updating! :)

My Birthday

I am turning 22 less than a week, compute it!
Do you want to give me a simple birthday gift my virtual friends? :) Just message me up and I would be glad to read your greetings.


I will post some exciting stories about me being enrolled in a French class, winning two Resident Evil: Retribution in a block screening, Ellana Mineral make-up sample, crying so much about Taylor Swift’s new song, “Ronan” and review and more!


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