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French Classes!

I am now enrolled in a French class and I am enjoying it! You should try it if you’re interest is mainly in foreign language. I easily learned new things, culture, stuffs and especially how to speak in french though I am a beginner.

I have started last August and it will end on October. It is the 4th session and I am in a A1 class. At first it seemed so easy to learn the language but as the class goes on it is getting harder than I thought but I am pretty determined and interested to learn the language.

The school

Actually it is not a school, it is a French cultural / language center here in the Philippines. It located in Makati. So, visit Alliance Francaise de Manille.

It is located at: #209 Nicanor Garcia Street, Bel-Air II, Makati City, Philippines or call at: +63 2 895 7585 / +63 2 895 7441 and by the way for easy access since you are online and to have more knowledge about it you can visit their website at www.alliance.ph


General French
48 hours MW or TTH 9am-12nn / 2pm-5pm P 4,990
32 hours MW or TTH 6:15pm-8:15pm P 3,990
24 hours SAT 9am-12nn / 2pm-5pm P 3,990
24 hours SUN 2pm-5pm P 3,990

There is also an optional membership fee that make you eligible for all the stuffs  like borrowing a book at the library and in every French class session there is 10% discount. The membership fee is: 300 pHp

French Language

the language is interesting for a foreign language learner, it is quite hard especially for both writing and speaking it but when you read it you only need some accent and change some pronunciations.

For some, They could learn the language online with the help of those people who have kind hearts to teach others via online though I am sure enough it is better to learn when you are in class and with a language teacher because you could ask anything and even the complex words that you could not find in online.

I hope to see you there! :)


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