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Ronan, the little guy that made me cry

I wonder why I cry over a little boy whom break my heart so badly. I think he is perfect enough to live in this world and I think it is kinda unfair to take him to his parents so early.

I don’t know Ronan since Taylor Swift wrote  a song about him. the song titled by his name and Taylor and his mother Maya Thompson wrote it. I did not cry when I first heard the song because I am not so attached until I read the blog of Ronan’s mother, it is the rockstarronan.com.

I have read it from the first blog entry until to the post where Ronan died.

Ronan the rockstar

Ronan was almost four years old when he left the world. He earned his wings so quickly. He was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma and it is at stage 4 cancer. Most people are not aware about this, me either.

He was a perfect little boy with a bright blue eyes. He loves star wars and monkeys. He loves his family and he is so sweet. I could tell it by reading the blog.

I am saddened about the fact that he is not here anymore to hear his song. I love him to the moon and back despite the fact that I am not personally related with him nor with his family.

He is such a fearless kid.

“Ronan” by Taylor Swift

Taylor wrote this song for him and she let the people know him and able to be connected to Ronan himself because the song tells his story.

The song is so personal and every detail of the song was taken from Maya’s blog. If you read every post on the blog you could spot the words that Taylor used in the song.

You could tell it.

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