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On the other side: before turning 22

Hey! I’m still 21! :D Though I know tomorrow or a minute from now I am turning 22. The are many things that happened to me yesterday and today! From picking a fight with Ejay up to pursuing my advance “Birthday treat” to my family.
I am terribly happy about the fact that I am not expecting to be happy like this. I am thankful to my mom and to my siblings who really make me smile today and make me realize how special I am to people around me. I have thought of doing nothing on my birthday but they pushed me and I am writing this so that when I looked back through reading all my posts, I will never forget how happy I am today! It will remind me how lucky I am to have them.

Still 21

Only the number changes but the entirety of my personality will not automatically change. I am now way better than the past and I am looking forward to be the best person than what I am now.

The day

I have prepared something only for the family and it turned out be a one big happy treat! My siblings and parents put-up a surprise for me! I planned to buy a cake tomorrow but they bought me two cakes today! one for today and one for tomorrow!

They made me so happy and I feel so loved by them. I never thought of a surprise because it is not that easy to do because all the plans and anything must go on my hand.

I am thankful to have a not perfect family yet an adorable one. I am lucky. :)

Ejay and I: over a fight

We fight and make-up over and over. I know this is not healthy. I know I am about to give up but I know I can’t. I am just upset for the past few days and always start to pick some fights with him. I cried over the phone; he hung-up then called again.

Before this day, he promised me to go on my “birthday treat” for a dinner or whatever. He agreed and I pushed the date though I know it is Eli’s birthday and it is not an ideal day though ironically it is really the ideal day because almost every members of the family is present because it is Sunday.

Yesterday. I told him about that but we fight over that issue and he told me that he will not go to see me. My mood automatically shifted and suddenly need someone to talk to. Timely, Marian (My sister, college best friend and classmate)  chat with me and I cried over,  I told the issue and she comforted me and then after that chat, my mom called me on my phone and asked me how do I feel and if there is something that bothers me, so I blurted out the story and cried. She told me things and she was able to cheered me up. She doesn’t want to see me cry or hurt because they feel it too.

So I calmly understand things for a while and breathe. I cleared out my mind and let my mind think. So I let go and see what will happen.

Guess what happened…

Ejay went for a dinner though he just ate a little but I am absolutely happy and I am not complaining about it. I am satisfied from the moment he took an effort to go. I am just a time freak and moment freak. I am just a happy and shallow person when it terms about me.

I am happy that he is here and he was the last one who left. I am thankful that he never let me down with this thing. I thought he will bear to stand not to go. I thought I am not special to him because we fight now and then and almost give up with each other but he did not let go of me. I know he still love me despite those fights we had.

I am just happy that he is still with me because I love him! God knows how much he means to me.

Me at this moment

I don’t like grandeur, I just want to feel happy and simple in a way I could picture out everything. I am not a fan of “attention” (public). I am glad to know who remembers and who do not. I am glad to know who love me and who are not.

My wishes are… God knows what are the best wishes and I always told him all my petitions and I know He hears it and I am patiently waiting for it and patiently waiting for that right time. I am happy today. I am contented. I will welcome my 22nd birthday with full of happiness. I am lucky to have my family who loves me and a boy (Ejay) whom I know will never let me down.

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