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Note to self

I have gone offline here in WordPressfor two months and I am sorry for that. Well, I am busy with things here at home and learning French language that makes my brain breaks so hard.

I am thinking of something for Christmas. Something to cook and something to do. I want to cook some gourmet dishes and desserts. Here’s the list:

  • Truffles
  • Flans
  • Stuffed roasted chicken
  • Cookies
  • Pasta
  • Hams

For the Truffles, I want it to be something good and fit for Christmas ambiance. Grahams, chocolate chips, cashew nuts, yema and some additives like sprinkles. cocoa and milk powder to roll it out. I am excited to do it with my younger sister. :-)

For the stuffed roasted chicken, I am going to buy a whole chicken and potatoes are the stuffed I could add some croutons or bread to add some texture. I will make some trial of that next week. :-)

These two are the main parts of my note to self because I really want to do this for the gang. :-) I am hoping to post more here this upcoming Christmas and give some personal advice too on doing stuffs and I am working on it. Though I am actively on my other blog site: HERE

I will not promise to post more often but I am going to try it at least once in a week. I am wishing for this Christmas is to have an Android phone maybe? So, that I could reach my two blogs wherever I go. I hope this coming year my basically ancient Nokia phones will be replaced.

Take care always my dear readers. 

Always have a great day and smile! :-)



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