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3rd anniversary of being us

Happy New Year everyone!! :-)

Today, Me and Ejay celebrated our third anniversary. It is a simple lunch date and happy thoughts to share. We just made this day a little extraordinary.

Since, its new year, everyone is celebrating with us and it is fun! I love the thought that we are on the third year and going strong! We love each other and we will never forget that we love each other especially when we are arguing.

We ate at Tokyo Tokyo and go home after buying some cellphone stuffs. By the way, he bought me chocolates Malteseers, and macchiatto frappe! i loved it!! :-) We are genuinely happy and thankful for this day and to more more years being with him.

To Ejay,

I am grateful to have someone like you because you are a strong and wise person. You never let me down and you understand the totality of me. I may argue with you with all the little things that merely tore our relationship but you never gave up on me. I am happy to see our lives together. Cheers to forever. Cheers for more years. I may not be a good girl but I am trying for you because you are one of the reasons why I am sane. You keep my direction, you keep me strong, you gave color to my life, you have changed me. I may not always with you but in my heart I always wish that I could spend the rest of the day with you. Remember, I am whole heartedly in love with you because I fell in love with the thought that you respect and know me more than anyone else. I could not find anyone who will just love who I am and not what I should be. Thank you dear. Thank you.

I love you to the moon and back.

Your dearest Anna

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