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10 steps on how to clean the house (my style)


I am confident to say that I am a nice home buddy because I could clean up the entire house for a day. I love it when I am doing it once in a while. I hate dusty and messy house.

I wreck the house when I put up a cleaning day and I mean it by general cleaning. I build a home not a house that’s why I love cleaning the house so that my family loves to go home early and sleep deeply.

Here are 10 things you should do while cleaning up:


1. Get everything you need: rags, pail of water (you can put soaps in it), broom and some polishing aids.

2. Remove everything: dirty linens, curtains, pillow cases, and others and put it in the washers or laundry area.

3. Be sure to do it UP Side Down. It means that you should start cleaning up upstairs if you have and the ceiling where all the old cobwebs covered with soot, sometimes Spiders comes along with it.

4. Inspect all the drawers, containers, organizers, boxes and all the storage things. Throw all the unnecessary objects and trashes. Fix and organize everything.

5. With wet (soaked in water with soap) or dry (along with the polishing spray like Pledge) rags wipe all the furniture or glass surfaces to dust everything. In a modern style, vacuüm all the edges of the furniture. If you have carpet to dust it off you should vacuüm it or wash it off.

6. Sweep all the dirt and put it together in one place or put it in a black bag / trashcan.

7. Be sure to polish and dust off all the furniture and sweep the floor with wet rags or floor polisher.

8. Change all the linens, curtains and pillow cases with new ones ( I mean, clean ones).

9. organize everything and be sure all are set up in the right place.

10. Spray some disinfectant and insecticide sprays like Lysol, Glade, Baygon, Raid or anything that are available in the supermarket.


I am happy when I am done cleaning the house because I can sleep deeply. I must admit to all of you that I am an obsessive compulsive ( O.C. ) person. I wish I could help you or somehow inspire you to clean you house.

Or maybe, you can share your own style of cleaning your home. :)

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