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Fairytales going wild?

Classic children fairy tales never fade because children started to read with these classic stories like Snow White and the seven dwarfs, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Alice in Wonderland and all others that everyone read from their childhood.

I have observed that these children tales were adapted into film with a twist and somehow did not fit for children at all (for teens because it shifted to action); more of pre-teen to adult features. It is more of an action packed adventure than telling the classic story.

On my view

From the base of the story, film makers took the chance to bring more life and action to children tales. Nevertheless, “the adaptation era” which is now can affect the chance of the new and more good stories a chance to be showcased in the film industry. The continuous habit of the film makers of producing adapted stories from books a chance of viewer’s rate or may gain higher gross of income but chances are, the lack of original plots may affect the viewers perception towards the new movie formulas especially when not introduced well to the mass.

The increasing adaptation of movies can affect the young and old people towards the perception of “what is a good movie”, I am not saying these adaptations were not good because I have seen them recently and it is all good but I am concern with kids who watched and will watch the movies. Their perception about fairy tales might be altered. The growing industry of film adaptions is increasing today and we could not deny it at all.

I, personally thinks that we need to have a new breed of stories and new formulas for romance, comedy, suspense-thriller, horror and action.

May I ask you about your view about this topic? what is your opinion? Do you agree with me or not? why? :-)


3 thoughts on “Fairytales going wild?

  1. nd na po acu ng sstudy and nd cu pa po natry mgwork .. Tin id lng po tlga ang i.d cu .. Anu po bang i.d ang pwede cu pong mkuha maliban sa postal? Thanks po sorry if madme po acong tanong ..

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