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Money cannot make you look mature, you know.

Just a thought from me, I am now 22 and all those people whom I know when they are at their 20’s they go to places, see everything that they like, eat everything and live life that they dreamed of because they have this thing on their hands, “money”. I must admit to myself that I envy them (I think people felt it too towards to others and its natural because it is a sign to pursue one thing) but I told myself not to because we have our own paths to walk through and I could not do anything at this time because I am tied up here at home waiting for something.

I think money can make you happy especially when you felt alone. You can buy your own happiness but that’s not for long for sure but moments and satisfaction on what you have now. I think being really happy is looking unto your inner self and look around slowly because having money can put you in a fast phase and you could forget anything.

If I have my money, I will make sure to start saving it for my future and half of it will go to everything I want from fueling up my stomach up to roaming coast to coast.

I think life is all about doing what makes you happy. There are reasons to wait. Dare to get lost, and be kind and humble to everyone. It is all about making memories composed of choices and sacrifices because growing up and being mature is learning how and when to hold on and let go.

Right now I am stuck here at home waiting for so long to have difference in my life. I know sometimes the days passed by doing nothing and I know I am wasting every seconds of my life and chances that I might have. I believed that time will come that my life will be much colorful than anyone else.

When my life starts, I will never let it go. I will never stay at home. I will work hard for every dream that I am dreaming of now. I will not be satisfied with anything, I will keep on chasing dreams and be braver. I will held my feet on the ground and make memories. Between choices and sacrifices I will always choose to be happy in everything.

When that time comes, I will care for myself and love myself like no one did before. :-)

cheers for more happiness and growing up.


2 thoughts on “Money cannot make you look mature, you know.

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