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Pitch Perfect have its Perfect Pitch

 I know this is a late movie review because everyone already watched Pitch Perfect and I am here I just manage to watched it this week with my sister.

At first, I was totally in doubt with the film because it is a musical film and I get bored. As I watch, all the fun and comedy entertainment were mashed-up with different attitudes of the characters made the film entertaining until the end.

I’ve never watched a same movie twice or thrice in a week but this movie made me do it anyway. I bet, the success of the film is the touch of the real singing and dancing of the characters on the real shoot.

To those who still not seen the movie yet, better hurry! So, we can talk about it here. :-) Trust me, it is a fun movie and you can’t get enough of singing along and watching it over and over.


They did a good performance! In both singing and dancing they are the best. The actuality and portrayal of each characters are lying underneath their real selves.

Every character has this ability to stay on the audience’s mind. Each of them are able to showcase their talents but they standout as one group.

To the, director, writers and producers together with the crew, team and staff, they all did a very nice and epic job for this movie.


I must say this, If you are looking for something to remind you about how young you are while remembering how old you are because of all the mashed-up songs that garners music from the decades up to now.


I better not discuss the movie plot because you have to watch it! If a movie is worth to watch not only you but others, respect them for not giving spoilers. That’s my first rule, but if it is not for recommendation, I better spill the beans.

Here’s a quote for you:

“The best style is the style you don’t notice.”                                                                                  Somerset Maugham


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