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It’s Mother’s day!

A mother is a best person to have. When you are still young, your mother dressed you up, care when you are sick and do every responsibility she had for you. When she carry you for nine months, she already signed a long-term slash forever contract. A mother will always be a mother. She will be you very first fan, very first admirer and very first best friend.

A mother have an unconditional love to all. A love that is so pure and over flowing. At the end of the day, you will still run to your mother. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve turned them down or never return their call or even when you said you will going home to stay but you never came. Even if she suffer from the most heart-break she ever had, still, she will stand up for you and wipe her tears and move on. A mother is a very flexible and strong being. She can endure pain because she loves you. She can be your father because your father is missing and maybe he will never come back again.

She could be your best friend and your worst enemy but still she is your mother, you cannot alter it and as a child you must love your mother even if she nagged so hard at you and your siblings, pick up some fights with your father, no time for you because of her busy tasks at work, and being as your ever responsible and over protective mother to you.

She have this genuine heart, full of band-aid and plasters but she is a strong woman. Thank her for bringing you here in this chaotic yet wonderful world. Love her for raising you to be a good child, brother, sister, husband, wife, father and mother to everyone. Care for her because she have a strong heart that beats for you and love you unconditionally. Wipe her tears and make her smile. Make time for her, kiss her in front of everyone, and hug her tight and never let her go of your arms.

You are special in the eyes of your mom. You are lovely in front of your mom. When you feel that no one else love you, look at your mom, she’s loving you. Tell your mom how much you love her. Mother’s day is not only celebrated today but it is celebrated every single day of the year of the decade of the century and ever and ever and ever.

Remember, A mother will always be a mother.


Sending all my love to all the mothers in the world; especially to my Mama, Nanay and Mommy. You have such a good, kind, and humble heart among God’s creations.

Here’s a quote for you,

“A metaphor is like a simile.”
Author Unknown


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