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It is cool to be “Not cool”

you-are-not-cool I am an average type of girl. Not popular, not a queen bee and not a massive cheer leader who break young boy’s hearts. I fall in the group of girls who are introverts, who dress’ like boys, geeks who read thick books. I don’t actually go in a party in college and I never get out of the academic zone that is why I don’t feel how great to meet some crazy people and how wonderful to feel to be in a crowded place. Sometimes, I wished that I did some things beyond my comfort zone. I never tried to be one of the cool girls in a room and I just let them own the stage and spotlight. I don’t need to be cool just to prove that I can do better than what they think. I don’t need applause or “likes” on my Facebook statuses just to show how popular I am. I am contented with how much attention I got from others. Why is it cool? Being “Not cool” is nice because there are no huge expectations from others who only knew you by what you have shown. I am more happy to know that people who are so close to me understands what I feel. It is more than enough. Being popular is just being noticed it is not knowing who you really are. I wanted to live simple. It means, I could do anything that I want and through success and failures I can cope up easily without criticism of most people who don’t know me. I don’t like spotlight where everyone’s eyes are with me. I want to do things on my own and seek help when I need most. Stop Bullying tumblr_m6uy4nPpPD1qa10uwo1_500 I know bullying is like a curse to those kids who have been bullied in school. I know this is not a cool thing. Whether you are popular or not, everyone is a candidate for bullying. Why kids bully other kids? Maybe bully kids are being bullied also at some point of their lives. They tend to look for those who can bully outside. Sometimes, there are negative effects and it can lead to suicidal issues because of the anxiety, stress and depression caused by bullying. I am against to bullying for I am bullied in school when I was a kid but it never break me. I never let them enter my mind and now, I am free from bullying. If I can do, you can do it also. Never stop from moving forward and do not focus yourself unto them. Be a goal oriented and look in the brighter side. I know it is hard to do it at first but I know you have a brave heart to conquer impossible things in your life. personal sign

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