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If a guy loves you he’ll meet you halfway

When someone says, “we can do anything together and I will always keep holding on”. For a girl, she will hold on to it because she has the power on believing. When you said these phrases, you are creating a so-called, HOPE. Building a relationship strong is a major goal by providing trust and loyalty to each other.

We all know that relationships tend to not last forever and rarely find true love. No one is entitled to hurt a girl but only herself but she allows one person to either love and make her happy or hurt her and make her feel sad and alone. Some girls are no longer believe in love because they had suffered from a severe heartache and their hearts stopped from loving.

When I was in high school

At a certain part of my life I wished to have my own family to raise but on the other hand I have planned also to have a baby; just baby and no daddy. I just need a baby and I can live with it.

At the back of my mind, I have these goals to meet, a sort of bucket list to do in my entire life and I am soon to turn 23 and I am stock in here at home doing nothing. I want to do things and go on places that I want.

Moving out and about

When I am able to do things on my own and some penny on my pocket. I will do all I wanted. I will save up and work hard to reach my limit. For now, I am planning to study again while working. I wanted to reach my limit so that at age 26 I am a teacher and living my life.

This is the reason I do not want to have a family because I want to go to places on my own and reflect on my life. My childhood was already ruined. My adolescence age was merely ruined and my pre-adulthood

is almost but I am not going to allow to change my life. I will pursue one career path and live. I want a house, a car and a life of my own. That is love. If a guy love me he will meet me halfway and support me.

Love for all you have

To love someone is not hard but to forget someone and leave them behind is very hard. That is why I am afraid to love someone because I tend to be dependent unto them and it is difficult to let go.

That is why when a guy said to a girl, “we can do anything together and I will always keep holding on”. The guy gives hope and that hope is very strong to hold on to. Just one sentence but very strong one. I know everyone is not perfect and even girls have their own faults on why relationships didn’t lasts. God created emotion which produces feelings and through that people created love and all its concepts.

Remember (girls and boys), No one is entitled to hurt you but only you unless you allow someone to do it.

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