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10 things to add on your beauty routines

I recently raving about natural beauty regimens that absolutely take my beauty routine into a higher level but not really tedious routine because it will be a part of my self-discipline towards my lifestyle. I am not an expert about beauty, I often ask my friends about it, read articles via online or magazines or experiment and try it for myself. I share my daily ritual to you and the ones I added to my list.

1. Wash your face daily
Washing my face morning and evening makes my face to glow more and be free from breakouts. Removing excess oils and dirt that can clogged pores which can lead to acne. So, never ever forget to wash your face twice a day or if you have an oily face, wash it when you have an oily face.

2. Moisturize
I use moisturizer every evening before I go to bed. This makes my face look good. You have to moisturize morning and evening but since I am living in a tropical country, I only put it in the evening because it the morning I feel so messy and heavy when I have moisturizer on my face because I have an oily face. If you are going out and it is hot outside you can use Sunblock for protection to avoid wrinkles and sunburns.

3. Toners
I use toners to get rid of any extra dirt because washing your face is not enough because there are still dirt sitting between pores. Since I am prone to breakouts, I use anti-acne toners for my face. On the other hand, you can choose different types of toners like, pore minimizer and oil control toner. You can go to any drugstore where you can buy toners that suits on your face. You can check out here, the toner which I use to get rid of my acne.

4. Hydrate more
Water can make your skin glow more. Not only your face but also your whole body. Hydrating helps your inner body not only your skin. Drink more water daily than carbonated drinks.

5. Exfoliate
Exfoliate naturally. Use natural face mask at least once a week. there are tons of natural and on the budget. If you doesn’t have time to do the all-natural-mask, you can always buy in the drugstore any available face mask that suits on your facial skin.

6. Take Vitamins
I take vitamins. Lots of vitamins like, Vitamin E, C, Iron and Calcium. I sometimes take multivitamins that can put me to sleep. Vitamins can help our body to function well and it includes our skin. Additional vitamins can make you feel more able to do much work and look more healthy because it can help to repair dead cells and tissues on our body.

7. Use less Make-up
I rarely use make-up. I only have one shade of blush, eye liner, three shades of lipsticks, lots of lip balms. I always use loose powders and lip balms nothing more. If I look pale, I use lipstick to enhance my color. Using excessive make-up can cause your face more breakouts and a bit heavy. If you’re just going in nearby grocery store or going to your friend and will only do usual things and not a party don’t wear heavy make-up. Let your skin breathe more and secrete all the dirt clogged inside your pores. You can wear your make-up when you have a party to attend to, a family dinner with your boyfriend’s parents, going to work (use light make-up for this) and going out with some friends. Always save your best look for a big occasion so that your make-up look to be different than the usual.

8. Eat healthy
I am a bit guilty of this. when I was in college I used to have breakouts because I am so exposed to pollution and I eat oily foods. Now, I am trying to balance my food. Greens, meats and fishes plus fruits. Who can say no to fruits? Fruits are good to eat! I love them. Drink tea not coffee. Natural juice or smoothies. You have to start balancing your food intake. You might be on a diet but you have to start contemplating with what you are eating daily.

9. Sleep early
I am guilty as charge with this. I am not good at sleeping early. I cannot manage to sleep right away at 10 p.m. I always end up sleeping at 12 m.n. or worst pass midnight. Sleeping early not only helps the skin but also your whole body. It can give more time to make our body to regenerate more and repair more cells. So, if you are like me, you better start to change your body clock. You sleep early; you wake up early too. You can do more things and do some workout to start your day.

10. Smile
I bet, you already know that smile takes only four muscles to work than frowning which means that when you frown, sad, angry and stressed you develop more wrinkles and use more facial muscles than can make your face look more tired and saggy. When you smile, your face glows and when it glows you are beautiful.

Which of these you already do and which of these you need to add on your daily routine? Remember, every skin has its own type. You have to search for a product or beauty routine which suits on you and doing a daily routine will always depends on your daily habit and to your lifestyle. If you are a bus woman, you can always choose shortcuts which are always available at the counter. That is why, there are tons of chemically and organically made products made for us. There are lots of options, you cannot exacerbate an excuse just to skip and take your face for granted.

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