Happy One: For the first time in forever

ALERT: Cheesy Overload!!

After my 2013 recap, here’s my post dedicated to my best friend, boyfriend, and brother in one because it’s our fourth anniversary and I am fully excited. We have been together this long and still strong. Time will come our relationship will be going on a higher level and I am positively hoping that we will make it! I am proud being her girlfriend and I am more proud of him too.

He is the best person I ever had. He is my strength and he is my sanity. Whenever I am losing all my hopes and feeling down, he is there to lift me up and cheer me up to make me smile. Sometimes, I get so jealous with those girls around him though I know that he is faithful to me and the only girls that he likes other than me are Hayley Williams and Jennifer Lawrence. HaHa!

His humor and his laughs stays on my mind for long. I love talking to him and learn a lot. He is more intelligent than me when it comes to facts. He easily gets tired and gets so grumpy. When he is hungry he gets grumpy too! haha! that’s the time when I love teasing him. haha!

I think I am making him more look like an ideal guy, ha! People might say, I can only say this because I am blind for the reason that I am in love with him. I have known him for so long.

He is a lovable person. We have been best friends since June 1997 because we ride the same school service, then we became classmates in elementary then remain best friends. I know who are his exes and he knows mine too. Sometimes, I tease him over other girls. haha!

My Message

In the last four years, we have survived trials. From simple quarrels to huge issues that keeps on coming back. We have learned how to hold on and love one another. I know you are faithful to me and so I am. I know that we will make this last and we will do anything and solve every problem together, hand in hand. As I look back from the photos we have shared for the past years, I just realized how much we grow together. Time passed by rapidly and we know relationships are not measured by time, years or any measuring tools available in your toolbox and hardware stores but it is felt by two people, who selflessly loving each other.

We both belong in the work force now. We do have different career paths and we meet other people and create affiliations. That’s all okay because we need to make a living for our future family. We have to save money for the things we want and to make our plans transpires. I wish that we could achieve each of our dreams and become successful with what we do. I wished that we could do more adventures together, eat every food in the world, go travel city by city. We will build a nice home and we will put so much love in it. I have lots of high hopes for our relationship. No one can devour our relationship if we choose to be faithful to each other and put GOD and “us” in whatever we do. I am motivated by you. I am determined to work hard for us. I will do my best my dear for our relationship and for our family. Loyalty, happiness, communication, friendship, understanding and love are the main ingredients of our relationship. NEVER GIVE UP. HOLD ON and NEVER EVER LET ME GO.

Sometimes, we almost give up on each other and I am afraid of it. I am afraid to lose you. We have been always carried away by our emotions especially, anger, sadness and jealousy. However, always remember what we have learned from Hachiko movie we watch, “No matter how mad or angry you are, always remember you love each other and think of the happy times you have shared and will do in the future”, From these we will hold on and let the sea calm itself after the storm. Problems are meant to be solve by facing it not by quitting, retreating or giving up.

Always, remember how many times we are tested. Keep the faith and lets look forward together. I will hold you. You are such a wonderful person that’s God has given me. I am lucky to found my other half in you. I am always thankful that you always choose me over other things. I am grateful that instead you are having a nice drinking session or party, you choose me. You exchange good times with your friends for me. That’s why sometimes, I felt so guilty because you always choose to be with me but then, I am still thankful. I have no words to say further on how lucky I am since, I met you and fell in love with you. I am more proud to say to anyone that you are my boyfriend and if the good heavens favor us, you’ll be my husband and will be the father of my children.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MY DEAR!!! I am always here with you. I am here to support and love you unconditionally. Sorry if I am always moody and paranoid. Sorry if we fight over the same issues. I am just overly protective because I might lose you and I won’t let it happen. Thank you for your undying patience and you always there to love me and crazily do things with me. I love you to the moon and back honey. I am always be your best friend, girlfriend sister, soulmate and wife.

Thank you for everything! I am always yours.

I wanna share some photos of ours in the past year (2013): 


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OKAY! I warned you before reading this post but you read it anyway. So, thank you for giving me you at least five minutes of your time reading this cheesy overload post of mine. :)



My 2013

This is a bit recap of my year. I must admit that this is a ‘ME STUFF” and not something about food, travel, technology, beauty or anything above or under the hot sunshine. :)

This is an awesome year to remember. “22” is the best age according to Taylor Swift and I think she is right about it while, according to Paramore from their Hello Cold World song,

22 is like the worst idea that I have ever had
It’s too much pain, it’s too much freedom
What should I do with this?
it’s not the way you plan it
It’s how you make it happen

Well, both idea were right, I have experienced both and I just had lots of fun, pressure and knowledge to keep. It makes me feel more human and I realized that every second of the day is important because I am getting old and I might lose my aces and regret it for not doing anything. I must spend it wisely and even if it is difficult to do, I must survive! Even if it is tiring, at the end of the day it will be all full worth to do.


ON THE OTHER HAND, here are some photos of my adventures this year:


Mother’s day with Nanay and Mommy (My Grannies)

Nicole's 4th Birthday @ 8waves Waterpark and Resort

April 17: Nicole’s 4th Birthday @ 8waves Waterpark and Resort

Summer 2013 @ Aztea Zambales. Beach day!

Summer 2013 @ Aztea Zambales. Beach day!

May 25, 26, 27: 3 days 2 nights with Ejay's family @ Piña Colina Tagaytay.

May 25, 26, 27: 3 days 2 nights with Ejay’s family @ Piña Colina Tagaytay.

May 26: Mommy's Birthday. (I missed it because I was in Tagaytay with Ejay).

May 26: Mommy’s Birthday. (I missed it because I was in Tagaytay with Ejay).

Night Swimming with Elementary classmates. Such fun night! Friends Forever!

Night Swimming with Elementary classmates. Such fun night! Friends Forever!

July 02: Vianca's 16th Birthday.

July 02: Vianca’s 16th Birthday.

July 04: Lloyd's 15th Birthday.

July 04: Lloyd’s 15th Birthday.



With Daryll. My Cousin!

With Daryll. My Cousin!


July Moments with Santiago Family

August 03: Ate Camille's Bridesmaid on her Wedding! <3

August 03: Ate Camille’s Bridesmaid on her Wedding! <3

September 19: Eliana's 2nd Birthday at Jollibee Pulilan (September 23)

September 19: Eliana’s 2nd Birthday at Jollibee Pulilan (September 22)




MERRY CHRISTMAS! 5th Christmas with Ejay. :)

5th Christmas with Ejay. :)

122613 136

Christmas photo

I am really thankful for this year. Grateful to do so many things. had lots of fun with my family and friends. Spend quality time with those people I love most. 2013 is a year of experience for me. Looking forward to more adventures in 2014. It is a new beginning too! I am gonna be tougher than I am now.


I hope you all had a good year in 2013 too and like I wish, may 2014 be nice to all of us. We cannot avoid bumps on the road but you must learn how to drive: speed up, slow down and stop.



Post Christmas Greetings

Lately, I was consumed by family duties and other stuff. I was always away from my computer and I only have my phone which I have the WordPress app in it where I can able to reply all the comments.

I am having a hard time blogging using my phone because there was this incident when I almost finish my post for the day, I accidentally deleted it. It hurts because it was hard to type a long post using only a smartphone. Well, at least I re-typed all of it again. haha! Good Job for me (sarcasm).


122613 107

I wanna greet all of you a Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoyed your Christmas. Whether it was just a simple lunch, dinner or a grand celebration with your family and friends. Still, you have the right to celebrate the season of love and share you care for others. Having such an amazing Christmas doesn’t depend on how many gifts you received or how grand the food that you eat. It’s Christmas! what matters, you remember who we celebrate for and its essence.

My Christmas

Well, mine was all very simple and it was a sleepy day for me and for the family. This was the only time I got the chance to sleep long enough recovering from the sleepless nights I spent in the hospital because my granny was admitted last week. I thought I will spend Christmas in the hospital but luckily my granny was discharged before Christmas day.

I am just happy that my granny is now positively recovering. She had depression and anxiety that caused her to take too much sleep and lost her appetite for the reason that she was diagnose the past month with diabetes. The doctor advised her to go on a diet but she overdo it and caused her to lose weight.

I got the chance to spend my Christmas night with my boyfriend and we were just happy at home talking. It was all simple yet happy time.


What about you? What did you do this Christmas day? :)

New Year is coming!! What is you New Year’s Resolution? :)

Happy Holidays!
Take care always!


It’s Mother’s day!

A mother is a best person to have. When you are still young, your mother dressed you up, care when you are sick and do every responsibility she had for you. When she carry you for nine months, she already signed a long-term slash forever contract. A mother will always be a mother. She will be you very first fan, very first admirer and very first best friend.

A mother have an unconditional love to all. A love that is so pure and over flowing. At the end of the day, you will still run to your mother. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve turned them down or never return their call or even when you said you will going home to stay but you never came. Even if she suffer from the most heart-break she ever had, still, she will stand up for you and wipe her tears and move on. A mother is a very flexible and strong being. She can endure pain because she loves you. She can be your father because your father is missing and maybe he will never come back again.

She could be your best friend and your worst enemy but still she is your mother, you cannot alter it and as a child you must love your mother even if she nagged so hard at you and your siblings, pick up some fights with your father, no time for you because of her busy tasks at work, and being as your ever responsible and over protective mother to you.

She have this genuine heart, full of band-aid and plasters but she is a strong woman. Thank her for bringing you here in this chaotic yet wonderful world. Love her for raising you to be a good child, brother, sister, husband, wife, father and mother to everyone. Care for her because she have a strong heart that beats for you and love you unconditionally. Wipe her tears and make her smile. Make time for her, kiss her in front of everyone, and hug her tight and never let her go of your arms.

You are special in the eyes of your mom. You are lovely in front of your mom. When you feel that no one else love you, look at your mom, she’s loving you. Tell your mom how much you love her. Mother’s day is not only celebrated today but it is celebrated every single day of the year of the decade of the century and ever and ever and ever.

Remember, A mother will always be a mother.


Sending all my love to all the mothers in the world; especially to my Mama, Nanay and Mommy. You have such a good, kind, and humble heart among God’s creations.

Here’s a quote for you,

“A metaphor is like a simile.”
Author Unknown


personal sign

Pitch Perfect have its Perfect Pitch

 I know this is a late movie review because everyone already watched Pitch Perfect and I am here I just manage to watched it this week with my sister.

At first, I was totally in doubt with the film because it is a musical film and I get bored. As I watch, all the fun and comedy entertainment were mashed-up with different attitudes of the characters made the film entertaining until the end.

I’ve never watched a same movie twice or thrice in a week but this movie made me do it anyway. I bet, the success of the film is the touch of the real singing and dancing of the characters on the real shoot.

To those who still not seen the movie yet, better hurry! So, we can talk about it here. :-) Trust me, it is a fun movie and you can’t get enough of singing along and watching it over and over.


They did a good performance! In both singing and dancing they are the best. The actuality and portrayal of each characters are lying underneath their real selves.

Every character has this ability to stay on the audience’s mind. Each of them are able to showcase their talents but they standout as one group.

To the, director, writers and producers together with the crew, team and staff, they all did a very nice and epic job for this movie.


I must say this, If you are looking for something to remind you about how young you are while remembering how old you are because of all the mashed-up songs that garners music from the decades up to now.


I better not discuss the movie plot because you have to watch it! If a movie is worth to watch not only you but others, respect them for not giving spoilers. That’s my first rule, but if it is not for recommendation, I better spill the beans.

Here’s a quote for you:

“The best style is the style you don’t notice.”                                                                                  Somerset Maugham


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Happy one! Labor day! Updates here on my blog: themes, profiles, about me section and more

I have decided to update my blog since this plan is a long overdue on my list. I spend whole day polishing this up to be more reader and visual friendly. These changes also have a good impact for me to blog often and I am happy with it.

I must pursue all of my plans and work on a new list. I have thought about doing some extra activities since I have nothing to do here at home. I thought about changing my blog address when I have availed my domain name. I know it is a lot of work. I love doing some work here in WordPress and this is my very first decent blog I ever have.


I did some profile updates since the old one is an obsolete entry but I am not satisfied with my latest. I need to think more enticing, more realistic and mature about me entry.

I am having a writer’s block when it comes to my about me because I am not a descriptive type of person who reiterate all the things that I love, like and do most. I need to exacerbate something beautifully craft and real.

Labor Holiday

Happy Labor Holiday! The workforce group have some celebration to make this day because today is their day! Some stayed at home and be with their families while others went to the mall and beach to have fun.

I am not yet belong to the work force so I somehow don’t feel the awesomeness of this day. I must admit that I am unemployed but it is not by choice. I have to wait for the right time and while waiting for that right time I must do something fruitful which is merely equal to a job.

Happy One!

Before I forgot, today is also the 40th month of me and Ejay (my guy). We don’t usually celebrate monthsaries so big but still it is special for the both of us. We do not count the months and sometimes we get confused if how many years we have been together. :-)

What is important with monthsaries are the habit of “reminding” how strong we are in our relationship. Nothing can be more important with is to, REMEMBER and greet each other because it pumps the blood in the relationship to let it live strong and happy.

I love today and everyday. Stay happy as you can be and live your life for it is unique.

Quote: “The only reason for being a professional writer is that you can’t help it.”                                                                                                  -Leo Rosten


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DFA working office hotlines

images (3)
I think I need to write about this because when I Google some Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) phone hotlines and some details for Passport applications. For I need to ask about requirements and appointment details. I am routed to an older blog posts and most of the phone numbers they included in the post were all not working.

I collected all the numbers and started phoning all of them because I wanted to contact DFA Pampanga for our family Passport renewal. Some of the numbers were really not working at all and some were working but no one answered my call. I am patiently dialing all of them until I got one. Those DFA employees whom I spoke with gave numbers until I got DFA Pampanga Regional Office.

Here’s the numbers that were working:

(632) 834-4000 Manila hotline
(632) 651-9436 DFA regional offices hotline (You can call here when you need to ask about other DFA regional offices’ hotline numbers)
(045) 636-00-07 DFA Pampanga hotline


Location: 2F Robinsons StarMill City of San Fernando, Pampanga

If you are going to apply for a new Passport, check this link: http://passport.com.ph/info/requirements/for/new

If you are going to renew your Passport, check this link: http://passport.com.ph/info/requirements/for/renewal (Some requirements varies, depending on you Passport renewal situation) | On my situation, We just have to bring valid IDs and our soon-to-expire Passport.

In DFA PAMPANGA, you don’t need to set an appointment. They entertain walk-in applicants, so, better go there earlier to finish your application early.

On the other hand,

There were DFA Manila offices, you can check it here: http://passport.com.ph/ (you can schedule your appointment here too)

I hope this blog post helped you and have a nice travel in and out of the country! :-) Stay safe!

2016 UPDATE:

For all the people who will apply or renew their passports at DFA Pampanga. The site is no longer accepting walk-ins. It is now by appointment. You can book an appointment through on-line, phone call or e-mail. If you want to secure an appointment in person, you have to be there as early as possible to get an appointment date which you will return on your scheduled date.

My husband tried to book an appointment through on-line and e-mail. Though it took awhile before he got an appointment through e-mail. He made an appointment last June 2016  and he was scheduled October and the soonest was September. My advice is, If you urgently need a passport get it now and for the passport renewals, do not wait until your passport reach it’s remaining six months validity. Make an appointment and calculate it from the validity of your passport (use mathematics and common sense on this). Remember, DFA on renew a passport when it reached it’s remaining six months validity.

On the other hand, If the applicant is a senior, infant or pregnant woman he/she can apply as a walk-in but they only accommodate such numbers of applicants for the day. Arrive early and finish in no time.

Here is the link for the 2015 Application form (the site application form is not updated I am not too sure if they still form but you can use this as guide): DFA Passport Application Form

Note: On the second page, you can read all the requirements and guide on how to apply.

For those who wants to book an appointment on-line: CLICK HERE

DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated to DFA or any Government agencies. To all people who were asking me about the release dates, additional requirements, pendings or any other concerns that is beyond my knowledge will not get a reply. Thank you.