To all the people who thought they are alone and felt like giving up

Move Along


Let the world begin with something new. Something better. Just aim and cross every paths. Take every rough roads and keep on going for your trajectory to land is not the same old place. Keep your heart strong. Keep your life going. Do not stop looking. Do not stop with just thinking all the possibilities. Make it happen. You deserve something colorful in your life. Maybe you live in simple yet happy place at least you’re living your dream. Start to chase every butterfly you see. Fall in love infinitely. Be free. Be honest and be kind to anyone. You have to love every ships that passes unto your life. Stop wanting and thinking everything you could not have but never stop achieving; show what you could have. Stop worrying too much. Stop caring too much. Keep on moving and believing. Keep your aim locked. Keep all the memories settling in your heart and start new ones. Move on along with your heart forget all the things you thought it was for you but suddenly not. Forget all the pains you have. Endure all the struggles, just keep on living. Move along with your mind. Stay happy for it can heal you. Never stop. Never give up. Keep yourself surrounded with people who loved you most than chasing those people who wanted you out of their lives. Move along. Move on along. Keep your aim locked. You deserve to be happy because for all at once, you will only live once. You will only be young once. Make everything in your mind real. Your feet stay on the ground, your heart chases butterflies, your mind is moving. Keep on walking, Keep on flying but please do not run just move along.

Quote: “There is creative reading as well as creative writing.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

personal sign


Fairytales going wild?

Classic children fairy tales never fade because children started to read with these classic stories like Snow White and the seven dwarfs, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Alice in Wonderland and all others that everyone read from their childhood.

I have observed that these children tales were adapted into film with a twist and somehow did not fit for children at all (for teens because it shifted to action); more of pre-teen to adult features. It is more of an action packed adventure than telling the classic story.

On my view

From the base of the story, film makers took the chance to bring more life and action to children tales. Nevertheless, “the adaptation era” which is now can affect the chance of the new and more good stories a chance to be showcased in the film industry. The continuous habit of the film makers of producing adapted stories from books a chance of viewer’s rate or may gain higher gross of income but chances are, the lack of original plots may affect the viewers perception towards the new movie formulas especially when not introduced well to the mass.

The increasing adaptation of movies can affect the young and old people towards the perception of “what is a good movie”, I am not saying these adaptations were not good because I have seen them recently and it is all good but I am concern with kids who watched and will watch the movies. Their perception about fairy tales might be altered. The growing industry of film adaptions is increasing today and we could not deny it at all.

I, personally thinks that we need to have a new breed of stories and new formulas for romance, comedy, suspense-thriller, horror and action.

May I ask you about your view about this topic? what is your opinion? Do you agree with me or not? why? :-)


Oh God I wish it wasn’t me

“They say there’s always someone in a relationship who loves more, Oh God I wish it wasn’t me”. -Samantha Andrews (If Only movie)

The movie of Jennifer Love-Hewitt moved me but still it makes me sad. The quote above was from the movie. It is the one that Samantha wrote in her notebook. Some people wrote on their blogs about the movie and they quote the ending part where Ian (Samantha’s Boyfriend) say his feeling for her.

The movie was so sad yet meaningful, especially, when it comes about “time”. The time that every couple must have in their relationship. A relationship will work even if it is a long distance one when there is “Time” devoted. there should be a “Me Time”. Work and Everything will come after.

Oh God I wish it wasn’t me

It is really so hard to face something that you’re afraid of like, “breaking-up”. It hurts deeply when someone break your heart. Moving on is a two-syllable word that can easily be said but hard to be one.

No one can say when it will come to an end but be thankful and live fully until it lasts. No one will be so ready to face that you have fallen deeply to that person and he/she never give equally.

You just have to regret something like saying, “I wish I wasn’t fallen deeply”

I need you like a heartbeat

It hurts more when you see him/her walking away from you. It can kill you while watching them packed their things and moved out.

The ring that you used to wear will be no longer important. It will the be worn again. The anniversary dates will easily passes by and it will no longer belong to important date to remember every year.

His/her birthdays will always be a big sigh and that sigh is a silent message for him/her delivered by the winds.

Nothing could be more special to a person than to be loved.

How to save a life -The Fray

“They say there’s always someone in a relationship who loves more”

You are a lucky guy/girl if you are loved by a person so much. It will give his/her life for you to saved. Sometimes, those kind of people are very rare and you are really lucky if you have one.

Continental and Archaeological Culture in the Philippines

In every community there are some culture that you may like or not. Some people like it because they get used to it but the others did not because they know they are not like them or it is not the culture that he/she was born.

In a third world country (developing country/ Philippines), In an ordinary community, that middle families belongs. Gossips or rumors always came up. Sad but it is true. Hearing bad and rude words from people to people; accusing each other’s mistakes while they do the same. Immorality sometimes takes place and community issues are just as usual as it is.

A matter of culture.

Seeing bystanders along the streets while doing their own businesses like, gossiping and backstabbing each other’s backs, looking for louse while seated in a staircase, drinking liquors at night hearing funny and really idealist and intriguing thoughts of a drunk person or maybe hearing a loud noise from a fight of these drunk people, eating deliciously cooked street foods and listening for a latest gossip in town. A culture that you can see in the Philippines. It is way too happy and too humorous to just sit in one corner and observing the culture. Sometimes, the feeling of being outcast in one culture is a way of determining or classifying one culture to another.

A Filipino

The culture of Filipino people are a loving culture and it could adapt to any situation and could recover to any disaster. Filipinos have a spirit that never dies, when get hurt and rollover the hill, Filipinos will again stand-up and walk again. Filipinos sometimes cry and get hurt but they surely smile many times than to frown and get mad.

Foolish smiles in Filipino politics

The reason politicians fool Filipinos, they deceive and those Filipinos who trust have a hope to hang on to and say, “Maybe, he is the person we need.” and then it will end up, “I wish I never voted him/her”.

Oh well, on 2013, election season and politicians were busy digging up roads and dikes to gain more funds. I wish Filipinos will choose a better political leader who sometimes do partly honest and corrupt things than those who were eaten by greed.

Because, it becomes a trend and it becomes a usual thing and Maybe it becomes a strong CULTURE that can hardly to bend; but when a person decided to change the world and everyone do the same, it will surely change the CULTURE.



Sticking here at home beats me to death. I don’t know what to do because I cannot move and make decisions by myself. I am not sure of where I am going right now. My parents expects so much to me and I could not afford to fail them. I cannot make any move because I am hanging. I don’t know if my parents understand me.

My mother wanted me to look for a school so that I could study further because I need to however she wanted me to look for a job, On the other hand, my father wanted me to look for a job and work.

I know they want me to become successful and I know how much they love me. I have this frustrations because of the expectations of those people who surrounds me. It’s like a bell that keeps me awake of reality and remind me about my obligations in life. It keeps me alive and it keeps me moving even though I was like a puppet, I could not move on my own and I could not do because they feeds me and I got money from them.

Is it just my ego?

I could not demand anything from my parents because they feed me and such. I could not afford to do my business because I use their money. I am apprehensive to get money from them. I feel like I am not their daughter which they expect me to be.

I was raised by my parents making them happy with what I do for them. I make good grades in school. they give me my needs and wants. I am thinking about what I can do for them. My parents expect so much in me. I don’t want to fail them.


I want to make a career not just to have a job. I want something that I am proud of. I want to be a writer, I want to learn how to write well. I know, being a writer is hard. In terms of money and life, just to fulfill this dream I am willing to start in a small and create my career quest from there. I know on the other side that I need to low down my pride to raise money for a living.

I just want to make my parents proud of me. I am frustrated because expectations kills me everyday but it keeps me alive by reminding me all my obligations.

I want my parents to wait. Just wait for now…


A Fresh Graduate like me

“My diploma just arrived today and I am so happy! I know it is just a piece of paper in a tube but it really matters to me. I do not have work at this moment, I am at home: being a bum.”

Life to deal with

In the real world there is no exact direction. Everyone needs to choose their own journey and have a good faith. Everyone needs confidence at this moment. Everyone undergo to a test like, searching for a right job, passing the interview, doing everything right and loving the job.

There is no definite future for everyone. What is important to life is be happy while surviving.

What is different from a person having a career on a degree that he finished but full of stress while the other person is enjoying the life running a small business, a farm land or a different course that he finished?


Everyone needs satisfaction with their lives.

No one can tell what is enough for a person because only “YOU” can tell what do you really need and what do you really want. Having an enough money to buy food, clothing and shelter. Enough savings so that no one can say that you are selfish. What God wanted you is be a good disciple and help other people and share your kindness [I know that’s a universal commandment; but that’s true!]. You know that money can buy anything in this world but here are some exceptions.


By the way, here’s my diploma :)

AB Diploma

Andromache unveils her heart.

It was a great time to experience different things and learn new lessons from it. I have learned how to make things possible and I believe that everyone have its imperfections. the way to lessen imperfections is to start in a mistake and learn from it.

I posted here my article to let others read it :)

Andromache unveils her heart.

Ashes were falling from the smoked city of Ilium. The land shifted into a mourning place. Mothers, wives, sons, and daughters of the dead warriors of Ilium became slaves and concubines.

Women who psychologically wounded and punished to death by war wailed their lamentations; one of them was Andromache, wife of Hector, the great man of Ilium. She was a widow who standstill as she embraced their son Astyanax.

Sitting in an old wooden wagon, there she was, clinging at one side with dirge heart for losing Hector in the war field. Andromache unraveled her unspoken thoughts of love, grief, and hate of her fate after the war. She reminisce their love story that made her heart go strong to face her new fate with the hands of Achilles’ son, Neoptolemus.

She was the daughter of Eetion, the Cilician king. Her home was in Thebe, below the forest of Placos. She was married to Hector when her city, desolated and her father, killed by Achilles. “He was my father and mother, my brother and loving husband, the father of my child,” as she described Hector through her finest words.

Her weeping heart broke into silence as she uttered these phrases from her lips, “It is better to die than to live in pain; the dead have no sorrows to hurt them, when a man passes from happiness to misery his heart hankers restlessly after the joys he once knew.” That, she said in her dimmest state of heart as a loving widow of Hector.

As she looked back and narrated her love story, she unveiled the heart of a valor woman. “He got me virgin from my father’s house; he was the first to enter my innocent bed. Now he was dead. And I am being shipped captive to the yoke of slavery in Greece,” said she with gravity in her heart.

On the lighter side, she smiled when she tells what she liked most about her husband in favorable thoughts, “In my dear Hector I had the husband that I wanted: wise, noble, wealthy, brave and a great man; and in his house I toiled to master all the accomplishments of a virtuous wife”.

“I knew when to insist with my husband and when to allow him to overrule me,” she cleverly said while going down the wooden wagon and sat on the defiled land of Ilium.

Recalling her past in the eyes of many people, they placed a look at her in having an insipid beauty and only Hector loved her. She even believed that beauty is a heaven’s gift, and a very few women have it. This caused her not to rely in beauty but instead, she believed in her character that won Hector’s heart.

Now that Achaeans sacked the whole city of Ilium, there was no consolation of their fate into the hands of the Achaeans. Her mourning shifted into a courageous state of mind, holding her love for her husband and into the city of Ilium. “If I forget my dear husband and open my heart to my present lord, I shall seem a traitor to the dead. On the other hand, if I cherish Hector’s love, I shall get myself hated by my lord and master,” she said assertively.

Her heart divulged her love for her husband but she could not do anything but accept her fate. “I abominate the woman who marries again and forgets her first husband in the arms of the second,” she said. Her faithful love for Hector gave her audacity to move on and live.

Andromache’s cunning attitude made her standout along with Cassandra in the tent where they were located, “I did not admit inside my doors the smart talk of woman and I did have my native wit to teach me virtue; I needed no more,” she said standing beside Hecuba, mother of Hector, who was suffering in despair. Her guts to live in her current fate were truly visible in her eyes.

p.s. this article may not be so perfect but I did this with heart. :)

Thank You.