Panini Machine

Last night, we are so busy at work and I finished all my chores around 4 a.m. which rarely happened. I never had a chance to take a sit and eat my food. All I need is to finish everything because I don’t wanna hear anything from the morning shift (because they really like to complain about petty stuff). I hate whiners. I hate grumpy faces in the morning. Well, everything changed this morning as I am the one who had a grumpy face and I am just there standing and taking/making orders.

I lost myself while cleaning the Panini machine. The burned plate which I need to scrape, wash. dry and put a release (non-stick solution) and turn it on. I was so tired an all my energy were drained since I had my vaccines the other day. I thought, everything will be okay. I thought the orders will slow down a bit around 1 or 2 a.m. but I was wrong.

Plus, there is only two people who are on duty. Can you think of a way to pull everything in one night with just to people? Tell me, You need to clean two showcases (donut showcase), clean and stock everything at the sandwich bar, clean all the three counters plus the brewers and machines, clean the dining area and washrooms, make a soup and throw and clean all the expired goods. clean the freaking panini machine and do the dishes, stock up/ refill everything bit of thing. Tell me. Can two people do this? WHILE SERVING CUSTOMERS EVERY MINUTE. How can you able to finish? Then what? Morning shift will complain, “why you didn’t do this? Why you didn’t do that?” Are they still thinking? That there are only two people who works at midnight shift and receiving a salary SAME RATE with them and some people have bigger than us.

I don’t want to write this but I really lost myself with that freaking Panini machine and suddenly I realize, everything is unfair here. I thought why they are not wondering why there is no one who can stay in the midnight shift?


DFA working office hotlines

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I think I need to write about this because when I Google some Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) phone hotlines and some details for Passport applications. For I need to ask about requirements and appointment details. I am routed to an older blog posts and most of the phone numbers they included in the post were all not working.

I collected all the numbers and started phoning all of them because I wanted to contact DFA Pampanga for our family Passport renewal. Some of the numbers were really not working at all and some were working but no one answered my call. I am patiently dialing all of them until I got one. Those DFA employees whom I spoke with gave numbers until I got DFA Pampanga Regional Office.

Here’s the numbers that were working:

(632) 834-4000 Manila hotline
(632) 651-9436 DFA regional offices hotline (You can call here when you need to ask about other DFA regional offices’ hotline numbers)
(045) 636-00-07 DFA Pampanga hotline


Location: 2F Robinsons StarMill City of San Fernando, Pampanga

If you are going to apply for a new Passport, check this link:

If you are going to renew your Passport, check this link: (Some requirements varies, depending on you Passport renewal situation) | On my situation, We just have to bring valid IDs and our soon-to-expire Passport.

In DFA PAMPANGA, you don’t need to set an appointment. They entertain walk-in applicants, so, better go there earlier to finish your application early.

On the other hand,

There were DFA Manila offices, you can check it here: (you can schedule your appointment here too)

I hope this blog post helped you and have a nice travel in and out of the country! :-) Stay safe!

2016 UPDATE:

For all the people who will apply or renew their passports at DFA Pampanga. The site is no longer accepting walk-ins. It is now by appointment. You can book an appointment through on-line, phone call or e-mail. If you want to secure an appointment in person, you have to be there as early as possible to get an appointment date which you will return on your scheduled date.

My husband tried to book an appointment through on-line and e-mail. Though it took awhile before he got an appointment through e-mail. He made an appointment last June 2016  and he was scheduled October and the soonest was September. My advice is, If you urgently need a passport get it now and for the passport renewals, do not wait until your passport reach it’s remaining six months validity. Make an appointment and calculate it from the validity of your passport (use mathematics and common sense on this). Remember, DFA on renew a passport when it reached it’s remaining six months validity.

On the other hand, If the applicant is a senior, infant or pregnant woman he/she can apply as a walk-in but they only accommodate such numbers of applicants for the day. Arrive early and finish in no time.

Here is the link for the 2015 Application form (the site application form is not updated I am not too sure if they still form but you can use this as guide): DFA Passport Application Form

Note: On the second page, you can read all the requirements and guide on how to apply.

For those who wants to book an appointment on-line: CLICK HERE

DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated to DFA or any Government agencies. To all people who were asking me about the release dates, additional requirements, pendings or any other concerns that is beyond my knowledge will not get a reply. Thank you.




A Fresh Graduate like me

“My diploma just arrived today and I am so happy! I know it is just a piece of paper in a tube but it really matters to me. I do not have work at this moment, I am at home: being a bum.”

Life to deal with

In the real world there is no exact direction. Everyone needs to choose their own journey and have a good faith. Everyone needs confidence at this moment. Everyone undergo to a test like, searching for a right job, passing the interview, doing everything right and loving the job.

There is no definite future for everyone. What is important to life is be happy while surviving.

What is different from a person having a career on a degree that he finished but full of stress while the other person is enjoying the life running a small business, a farm land or a different course that he finished?


Everyone needs satisfaction with their lives.

No one can tell what is enough for a person because only “YOU” can tell what do you really need and what do you really want. Having an enough money to buy food, clothing and shelter. Enough savings so that no one can say that you are selfish. What God wanted you is be a good disciple and help other people and share your kindness [I know that’s a universal commandment; but that’s true!]. You know that money can buy anything in this world but here are some exceptions.


By the way, here’s my diploma :)

AB Diploma

It took ten years to…

It took ten years to… establish confidence to pursue a career and it took another thousand years to decide what path should I take because it is a life long journey.

After college, there is no turning back, I could only go ahead and make right choices for my life. I am a life perfectionist indeed but it is somewhat idealistic right? In life there is nothing perfect because shit really happens. Sometimes I thought everything is under control but sometimes at the end I am in a hurry.

Now my life is currently in a phase which I called, “It tool ten years too…”. I want to have a career in writing but I am good enough to be a writer? I am confident enough to let them read what I write? These questions frequently pops out in my mind and it drives me crazy and lose my confidence to take a chance. I know without trying anything I would not be able to know my strengths and weaknesses. So I need to conquer my fears, try everything, and do my best. I have to say YES I need to work!



So, I am done with my 200 hours of duty for my internship but actually it is more than 200 hours because I always over timed at my last internship duties. It was really fun though it’s exhausting to work at the field and office. I intended to attend both office works and fields works so that I can made up my mind in what career I will choose in the near future.

I deserved having these experiences so that I could assess my strengths and weaknesses. I have started since late March and today I am finally done with my internship. Only the evaluation papers are left to be finished by early next week. Oh yeah! I am happy to finish it and have some long sleep at night.

From doing paper works to putting it together and make something from it. The things that I learned from my internship will be all kept and will be used for my further studies.

I will try to smile even if the day is not with me. I will try to laugh even if the day is not with me. I will do my best, as long as I can. I will share my thoughts as long it is dependable. I will let everyone know, what I feel about anything.

I know I have weaknesses and sometimes I cannot help to frown and cry. I always suffers from “mood swings” but just bear with me. I am not a superwoman to smile, laugh or share all my thoughts easily, just give me a time and soon I will speak out.

I will keep in my mind these simple reminders: I will never stop learning. Never stop reading. Be sensitive and stay foot in the ground. Don’t be pressured nor stressed.


The love of writing

I will miss those people (Journalists, Reporters, PNP Chiefs and Drivers) whom I knew/met in Camp Crame, I will miss their morning greetings, watching cartoons rather than news, eating lunch for only 20php and free merienda, reading news clippings and writing two-three news article everyday, last two days of duties.

At first, I was afraid of going along with the news reporters and journalists in the beat where I was assigned. I was like having butterflies in my stomach every minute.

I never expected that time will come I will learn how to smile and greet them every morning and they smile back to me.

For the first time my writings were critiqued by my mentor whom I admire because he taught my personally. He even commented on my works frankly.

Sometimes I feel like I am not in the mood to write a news article but I have to write because it is my job. I’ve realized that the pleasure of writing is somewhat rewarding because I proved to myself that I can relay to public informations that they need to know.

I am happy that in a way I spending my summer vacation productively though it’s tiring.