7 best reasons why is it good when your best friend is your boyfriend


I must say, having a best friend is one of God’s best gift to a person. A best friend is defined as your reflection at any part of your life while, having a boyfriend is a transformed friendship into love relationship. Personally, my best friend is my boyfriend and I can share good things and on my next post I will share all the boyfriend/ best friend relationship doubts.

1. You know each other for a long time

You no longer need to be acquainted to each other because you have known each other long enough to ask his name, address, age, birthday, likes and dislikes. You will no longer have the hard time, looking for common things you share because you have been and will always be best friends, in short, you have a lot in common.

2. You will not have the hard time to introduce oneself from his/your family

Maybe, creating some long introductory speeches in front of each other’s family are not necessary for they already know you because you have been introduced to them long before you realize that you are in love for each other. Plus, less shy on approaching them for you have known them too.

3. You know his or her past relationships

I know, some couples always have troubles with exes and the advantage of having a boyfriend who are your best friend is he knows who are your past relationships and you know them so, you have less worries about it.

4. You are both open to discuss anything

From personal to gossip conversations it is all fun. It is like an open book, you can talk about good things, problems, future plans and everything under the sun. Even all the private things to talk like secrets and all.

5. You have common friends while you know also his/her extended friends

This is one of my favorite part, having common friends because it is so hard to let your friends know your boyfriend. And here’s a catch, when your guy have a best friend and you were not close enough to know each other. There’s a big awkwardness in this situations. However, when you have common friends because you have been best friends and you know who are his extended friends. It is like creating a group where you can be friends not lovers.

6. Your relationship have a good foundation

People say, “at any relationship, it must have a good start or a good foundation”. A simple friendship which started everything is a huge part in a love relationship. When you are in this kind of relationship, you have to maintain the friendship because sometimes love fades but friendship never.

7. You are more comfortable with each other

Back then when are still in a best friend stage, you and your guy used to hang out, play video games or eat out for lunch or dinner or just even spend some sleepless nights while talking about crushes and jokes. When you are not dating your best friend, you still experience some sort of awkwardness but when you are dating your best friend, those awkward boundaries were broken and you act naturally and happy at each other’s side.

At any given situation, a friend is always good whenever you feel alone, sad, happy or sort of feeling crushed and it is more best to have a friend and a boyfriend because its all-in-one. You just have to be sure that you feel love and care and be sure it is not an infatuation. Never ever lose the friendship between you and him because it matters a lot.



“Best friends”, will always be Best Friends

I say, “Friends and enemies come and go but only those who truly loved you stayed”. 
Read and see how we missed each other…

I Love My Mom.

Yesterday September 07 I received an unexpected birthday card from my mom and it really made me cry while smiling. I am so happy when I received it. At first it was so advance and I could not believe that as early as that she sent me a card. I was inspired by her letter. I feel so special and loved. I am thankful to have such loving mother like her although sometimes I was being scolded by her because of my stubborness and made her cry because I wasn’t listening on what she is saying.

In a simple card, love letters, simple thoughts of love from my love ones can put me into tears, make me happy and make me feel so special even just for a moment. I feel so loved. I will always remember that even the world has turned me down there are people who always there to comfort me at the end of the day.

By that simple of saying she loves me, I feel so inspired and ready to do everything for my loves.

I don’t know why for me the best gift that people can give/gave/given to me is their thoughts of love for me in a form of letter. Love letters and Cards put me into tears. it’s really traditional but still I love receiving letters from people because I feel their love.

Sometimes people are concious or maybe forgot/forgets to say “I Love You” out loud enough, but those simple thoughts of love from the heart helps enough to feel someone is special for you.

So, I already received my first 20th birthday gift :) I Love My Mom!!!

I am proud to be her daughter and I am not bitter that I never enjoyed my childhood because I already enjoyed it with her and it is enough to say that “for what I am today, is because of my Mom who raised me enough to be a good daughter, bestfriend and a lady.”