My 2013

This is a bit recap of my year. I must admit that this is a ‘ME STUFF” and not something about food, travel, technology, beauty or anything above or under the hot sunshine. :)

This is an awesome year to remember. “22” is the best age according to Taylor Swift and I think she is right about it while, according to Paramore from their Hello Cold World song,

22 is like the worst idea that I have ever had
It’s too much pain, it’s too much freedom
What should I do with this?
it’s not the way you plan it
It’s how you make it happen

Well, both idea were right, I have experienced both and I just had lots of fun, pressure and knowledge to keep. It makes me feel more human and I realized that every second of the day is important because I am getting old and I might lose my aces and regret it for not doing anything. I must spend it wisely and even if it is difficult to do, I must survive! Even if it is tiring, at the end of the day it will be all full worth to do.


ON THE OTHER HAND, here are some photos of my adventures this year:


Mother’s day with Nanay and Mommy (My Grannies)

Nicole's 4th Birthday @ 8waves Waterpark and Resort

April 17: Nicole’s 4th Birthday @ 8waves Waterpark and Resort

Summer 2013 @ Aztea Zambales. Beach day!

Summer 2013 @ Aztea Zambales. Beach day!

May 25, 26, 27: 3 days 2 nights with Ejay's family @ Piña Colina Tagaytay.

May 25, 26, 27: 3 days 2 nights with Ejay’s family @ Piña Colina Tagaytay.

May 26: Mommy's Birthday. (I missed it because I was in Tagaytay with Ejay).

May 26: Mommy’s Birthday. (I missed it because I was in Tagaytay with Ejay).

Night Swimming with Elementary classmates. Such fun night! Friends Forever!

Night Swimming with Elementary classmates. Such fun night! Friends Forever!

July 02: Vianca's 16th Birthday.

July 02: Vianca’s 16th Birthday.

July 04: Lloyd's 15th Birthday.

July 04: Lloyd’s 15th Birthday.



With Daryll. My Cousin!

With Daryll. My Cousin!


July Moments with Santiago Family

August 03: Ate Camille's Bridesmaid on her Wedding! <3

August 03: Ate Camille’s Bridesmaid on her Wedding! <3

September 19: Eliana's 2nd Birthday at Jollibee Pulilan (September 23)

September 19: Eliana’s 2nd Birthday at Jollibee Pulilan (September 22)




MERRY CHRISTMAS! 5th Christmas with Ejay. :)

5th Christmas with Ejay. :)

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Christmas photo

I am really thankful for this year. Grateful to do so many things. had lots of fun with my family and friends. Spend quality time with those people I love most. 2013 is a year of experience for me. Looking forward to more adventures in 2014. It is a new beginning too! I am gonna be tougher than I am now.


I hope you all had a good year in 2013 too and like I wish, may 2014 be nice to all of us. We cannot avoid bumps on the road but you must learn how to drive: speed up, slow down and stop.




On my birthday

I am in a dilemma right now. I am torn into pieces of all the things that I want to do on my birthday, which is on Tuesday (09/24). I want a meaningful, great, quite peaceful and happy day. Though I am going to go to church first which ever decision I made.

First, I want to celebrate at home, cooked some for my family and stay at home where I can achieve a quite peaceful and great and happy day. I want to spend some time being completely happy with my love ones but my siblings have classes so, I am going to be alone at home with my father, kasambahay (house helper) and my other sibling. It might be just an ordinary day at home.

Second, I want to go out with my boy friend though he needs to go to work because it is a tuesday and he just started in his new job. I want to go watch movies, eat a lot of food and talk to him all day which is not boring for me. You know what, I can talk to him for long hours without being bored because I am just happy talking to my best friend / boy friend. I just want a date. I miss having date. If he needs to go to work on my day, it’s okay I understand that.

Third, go to Manila and find and meet some friends who are available to eat and chat with me. Maybe just maybe. I can catch up with a lot of them on a tuesday night after their work. My two girl friends, Rachel and Pauline are in school and busy doing stuff. Which automatically not available.

Fourth, if nothing will happen on my day, maybe I can go alone and treat myself and look back all the past 23 years I have been.

Reaching 23 years living and still kicking some butts is really hard. I know I am tough and will tougher than ever. I am just thankful that I have this kind of life. Whatever happens on that day, I am surely thankful that I am alive today.

I will always be the happy and smiling Anna that others usually says about me. Because a lot of people who knew me, describes me as a sun that can brighten up the room and I will still be that kind of person 23 years more and counting.


On the other side: before turning 22

Hey! I’m still 21! :D Though I know tomorrow or a minute from now I am turning 22. The are many things that happened to me yesterday and today! From picking a fight with Ejay up to pursuing my advance “Birthday treat” to my family.
I am terribly happy about the fact that I am not expecting to be happy like this. I am thankful to my mom and to my siblings who really make me smile today and make me realize how special I am to people around me. I have thought of doing nothing on my birthday but they pushed me and I am writing this so that when I looked back through reading all my posts, I will never forget how happy I am today! It will remind me how lucky I am to have them.

and then…

I Love My Mom.

Yesterday September 07 I received an unexpected birthday card from my mom and it really made me cry while smiling. I am so happy when I received it. At first it was so advance and I could not believe that as early as that she sent me a card. I was inspired by her letter. I feel so special and loved. I am thankful to have such loving mother like her although sometimes I was being scolded by her because of my stubborness and made her cry because I wasn’t listening on what she is saying.

In a simple card, love letters, simple thoughts of love from my love ones can put me into tears, make me happy and make me feel so special even just for a moment. I feel so loved. I will always remember that even the world has turned me down there are people who always there to comfort me at the end of the day.

By that simple of saying she loves me, I feel so inspired and ready to do everything for my loves.

I don’t know why for me the best gift that people can give/gave/given to me is their thoughts of love for me in a form of letter. Love letters and Cards put me into tears. it’s really traditional but still I love receiving letters from people because I feel their love.

Sometimes people are concious or maybe forgot/forgets to say “I Love You” out loud enough, but those simple thoughts of love from the heart helps enough to feel someone is special for you.

So, I already received my first 20th birthday gift :) I Love My Mom!!!

I am proud to be her daughter and I am not bitter that I never enjoyed my childhood because I already enjoyed it with her and it is enough to say that “for what I am today, is because of my Mom who raised me enough to be a good daughter, bestfriend and a lady.”


It’s September!

SeptemberIt’s September! and on the 24th I’ll be turning 20. I’m having mixed emotions, sometimes I am happy while suddenly. I don’t want to be a year older. When I get 20 maybe things will change because I am no longer teen, more expectations and responsibilities.

When I turn 20 I want to explore the world. I want to paint and express my feelings through it. I love the feeling of being surprised though I never experienced it. I just want to be happy on my birthday that’s all I want, I am contented with anything that I will have. I never expect gifts I just want to hear greetings from their hearts.

I admire those people who make videos, flowers and parties as surprises; it makes me wonder. :)

I just want to be happy on my birthday that’s it! For two decades living here on earth I am lucky to have a living like this. To have people who loves me and to God who unconditionally love, care and guide me in my journey. :)

I Love to be me. I Love the people who loves me. I Love everything in this world.

I thank them. I thank them with all my heart.

I love you because you’re reading this. :) Take Care!