Post Christmas Greetings

Lately, I was consumed by family duties and other stuff. I was always away from my computer and I only have my phone which I have the WordPress app in it where I can able to reply all the comments.

I am having a hard time blogging using my phone because there was this incident when I almost finish my post for the day, I accidentally deleted it. It hurts because it was hard to type a long post using only a smartphone. Well, at least I re-typed all of it again. haha! Good Job for me (sarcasm).


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I wanna greet all of you a Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoyed your Christmas. Whether it was just a simple lunch, dinner or a grand celebration with your family and friends. Still, you have the right to celebrate the season of love and share you care for others. Having such an amazing Christmas doesn’t depend on how many gifts you received or how grand the food that you eat. It’s Christmas! what matters, you remember who we celebrate for and its essence.

My Christmas

Well, mine was all very simple and it was a sleepy day for me and for the family. This was the only time I got the chance to sleep long enough recovering from the sleepless nights I spent in the hospital because my granny was admitted last week. I thought I will spend Christmas in the hospital but luckily my granny was discharged before Christmas day.

I am just happy that my granny is now positively recovering. She had depression and anxiety that caused her to take too much sleep and lost her appetite for the reason that she was diagnose the past month with diabetes. The doctor advised her to go on a diet but she overdo it and caused her to lose weight.

I got the chance to spend my Christmas night with my boyfriend and we were just happy at home talking. It was all simple yet happy time.


What about you? What did you do this Christmas day? :)

New Year is coming!! What is you New Year’s Resolution? :)

Happy Holidays!
Take care always!



Depleted Minds


depleted mind

Depleted minds, beautiful thoughts and clinging actions. This semester I have experienced “Ideas-on-mind-unprocessed-actions” that’s what I call with my never-ending sickness (I call it sickness, because I can tolerate that!) this is all about: I have something on my mind (a great idea perhaps) then it will turned out nothing because I never acted it out.

I am a kind of person who acted so random and never follow any schedules because every time I made schedule for the day I never carry out them unless I really need it to do by then.

Semestral break, a fun break isn’t it? I have a lot of sleep and talking. I have a lot of rest even my mind rested (not in peace).

Alright, on Thursday classes will resume and my mind will be off to thoughts academically and will bleed (ironically).

I am thinking of what I can do for my Tumblr site ( because I started putting quotations that came from me but it ended with nothing but re-blogging others posts. So, now I am thinking of new entries that I can publish through that site. first I want to publish photos, second I want to publish things that I made then lastly I want to create things that others may appreciate.

I have nothing blog seriously. I am so excited, nervous, bored, lazy. My mind is now depleted by the semestral break and I need sunshine of thoughts.

It’s November! and Christmas is coming, Waking up from the dream of Christmas of ’09, it feels like yesterday and yet next month it’s Christmas time!

I could not believe it that on February 2011 Taylor Swift is coming in Manila! so, this is it! the day that I am waiting for. I am happy for that but in a way I am sad for I don’t have and money to afford tickets but I will keep some money for that event.

Please don’t be in love with someone else, Please don’t have somebody waiting on you… – Taylor Swift (Enchanted)
Never forget to LoveCareSmile,

counting nothing.

I really don’t have anything to say.
about Christmas?
what about that?
I suppose I will have very nice Christmas and even though I don’t receive any gifts simple greetings and smiles would probably a nice gift, I just want peace of mind these days. aha!
New Year!
Last new year’s eve is still fresh on my mind and it is still worth remembering but then 2009 will end in a week or two, 2009 is worth remembering because of Taylor Swift, 2nd year college life, and maybe Love that ended so soon, I’m gonna miss those days, as people say “Live your life as if it is the last!” (haha!) I still hold on to this words of wisdom because it gives hopes on me.

Oh! I Love Holidays! because I can get some rests and bonding moments with everyone who’s special to me. I Love collecting memories so that when I get older I have these memories with me and so that it make me smile.

There are people who makes me laugh, cry, or even make me insane! those people are worth remembering they made me strong enough to surpass any tests of life.

This year is the year where I became insanely obsessed with Taylor Swift (since 2006 I am a fan of her) and this year would probably the start of hopes are soaring up high as I stay on the ground.

People are people sometimes they change the way they are, there moods and goals to take on, I know that change is possible any moment in our lives, accepting the fact that someday the one you love most will turn to be your best enemy.

I want to have a nice holiday :)
I know you want it too,
Advance Merry Christmas to You and to Everyone! :)

-krisha <3