Panini Machine

Last night, we are so busy at work and I finished all my chores around 4 a.m. which rarely happened. I never had a chance to take a sit and eat my food. All I need is to finish everything because I don’t wanna hear anything from the morning shift (because they really like to complain about petty stuff). I hate whiners. I hate grumpy faces in the morning. Well, everything changed this morning as I am the one who had a grumpy face and I am just there standing and taking/making orders.

I lost myself while cleaning the Panini machine. The burned plate which I need to scrape, wash. dry and put a release (non-stick solution) and turn it on. I was so tired an all my energy were drained since I had my vaccines the other day. I thought, everything will be okay. I thought the orders will slow down a bit around 1 or 2 a.m. but I was wrong.

Plus, there is only two people who are on duty. Can you think of a way to pull everything in one night with just to people? Tell me, You need to clean two showcases (donut showcase), clean and stock everything at the sandwich bar, clean all the three counters plus the brewers and machines, clean the dining area and washrooms, make a soup and throw and clean all the expired goods. clean the freaking panini machine and do the dishes, stock up/ refill everything bit of thing. Tell me. Can two people do this? WHILE SERVING CUSTOMERS EVERY MINUTE. How can you able to finish? Then what? Morning shift will complain, “why you didn’t do this? Why you didn’t do that?” Are they still thinking? That there are only two people who works at midnight shift and receiving a salary SAME RATE with them and some people have bigger than us.

I don’t want to write this but I really lost myself with that freaking Panini machine and suddenly I realize, everything is unfair here. I thought why they are not wondering why there is no one who can stay in the midnight shift?


Catch those butterflies.

No matter how hard I try to make an entry just to have an entry for June but I can’t. So now! July is here and I am going to make an entry I don’t know what topic but I am sure this is about my life.

I keep on staring the box of quick press for minutes and now I am starting to type what I am thinking right now. so many people conspires to have an inspiration but many have tried to stand alone but they just can do it.

I am going to better soon, I want to write an efficient story that people can relate, I want to make a move though I know little by little I can do it.
as my professor in Spanish1 said, “we all want to learn Spanish language in one day but it takes a lifetime to learn a language.” and I believe that to become a better one I need to pray and practice the craft.

I need to learn the craft I am taking in, I am not practicing witchcraft but I am practicing the craft of writing. So much expectations, so much pressures and it can kill me to death though I am still standing right in-front of anybody trying to move forward step by step a and soon those steps when I put them together it is a long journey of my life and it takes years to see the miles of my road and look back of what I have done.

Taking the life of a real journalist is not easy! I wonder why I am taking this course what I know is, I am half way dead in this.

Last Wednesday, my last class ends at 9 o’clock in the evening and my professor dismissed us thirty minutes early so we are glad to go home early. So, my friends and I are the last who leaves the class together with our professor. At first we are joking our professor to treat us for a snack, we don’t even expect that he will take it seriously, so we are saying goodbyes until he said, “ay goodbye? bye!?” so we are wondering why, it was just mean that he will treat us for a snack (it sort of a late snack and a dinner) so we eat then and had fun chatting.

so Thursday, I suppose to review because we will have a quiz but I am a bit lazy so in the evening I watch movie “The Back up plans” the movie is very good, I really enjoyed it. I remember the line of the guy in the movie, “Some things lasts FOREVER.” it just caught me in because the girl did not believe in forver and that guy making her realize that some things are forever. so lovely quote.

One life, One moment, One month. It’s been a long time since I blogged and now I am posting a blog and I am going to update this again. I am pretty busy with my classes I only have one day off and I am not happy with that. I need more time to adjust and to cope up with my schedules. I need to read a lot as in a lot, particularly newspaper because I need to learn how to write a news story and not like tis kind of story.

Hey summer! I miss you so much! I hope you are fine! No one is special than you.

I am learning to think, I am annoyed with my face that is full of pimples! arrrggh. I know I am complaining maybe you are laughing because of that complains, because sometime when I look in the mirror I see my pimples it just ruin my day though it is none sense to ruin my day because of my pimples.

Incredible June! What a hilarious month! full of adjustments and full of change. I am having my time to take things slowly and make plans ahead. I am wondering why I am so shocked why all my plans are gone, I know something good will happen, I don’t know when, I don’t know where or how I just know that I need to believe.

I feel like I am in a full whirlwind and I cannot grasp everything that is happening around me. I am stuck inside of it and I am in a full blown in magnitude waves of wind. (Oh! that’s how I describe my month of June) Now at this moment I am taking time to make everything going to be fine.



The Ground Zero.

There are such things in my life that I cannot find answers, but when this day came it somehow lightened up some questions in my life and fill it in.

We had a major exam in our major course which is Journalism, it is not just a typical written exam but a challenging exam, we are asked to make a newsletter and organize a symposium together with the other three Journalism sections. At the end we managed to put up a symposium.

Early in the morning I entered the classroom quietly, some of my classmates are already there, so I sit on my chair and I am in silence until my friends came stressed out and bombarded with works in a rush. It was late then when I noticed denz (my classmate, friend and an inspiration) sitting at the back she really really stressed out on our layout and filling up all the spaces of the newsletter. I am also absorbing all the bad vibes of the officers and Editors though there are some people who I find so different.

Under the sun around 12nn we are rushing for the printing of the newsletter from end to end of out campus. canvassing the prices and paper sizes. In the end we made it to the last-minute, it was like quarter to one o’clock in the afternoon and the event is about to start in 15 minutes.

On the other hand, Bea, Marian and Me are on a rush because we still have our P.E to attend at 1pm. Surprisingly our P.E instructor told us that to those who are not yet having their preliminary exams and have an incomplete grades are all asked to check/evaluate themselves, he is talking about us because we are not yet having or prelim exam and we may go after filling up the requirements.

Rushing again and again. on the way to the venue of the event (at Library Conference hall) and now this is the time we are waiting for the judgment of our works and there are panelists invited, they are from the same field and they are active writers and working on their career progressively. Introduction first then comments and suggestions on each Newsletters (Insignia, Agere, The Ink and Liberalists) and finally the time came the announcing of the winner on the event, and the winner is…

AGERE!!!, the Newsletter of 2JRN4.

We are proud with the outcome because the panelists said the it is a toss between us 2JRN3 and 2JRN4, it is a little bit difficult to decide who is the winner but in the heart of our class we still know that we did our best and we still winners because we learn something from what we did.

After the symposium.
Our president (denz) call for a meeting to open up all the issues after the event, because our professor in this subject said that she’ll be checking the newsletter and giving grades individually, which is by article entries only and by only those who make an article is graded, there’s a problem with that because our Editor-in-Chief and the Editor’s board cut down all the article entries and some of the entries didn’t make it. Some of our classmates are all worrying because of their grades. The decision of our professor is really unexpected so we are all stressed about this problem. All the officers and board of Editors gave an apology to those who were hurt because their articles were not included. We had a class open forum and close the issues within the session.

Insignia, fail to win but in our heart as a class we know that we are the winners because we learned something from this event. Denz once said, “when we are running and we fall down, we need to stand up and run again. We are all in ground zero, “ Another quotation from her that reminded me that in life we have to face things that are unexpected and jump on the walls that we thought that we cannot make it but at the end we jumped on it. she said also, “don’t stop unlocking the doors of others maybe you have the key but there is still one door for you.”

I have this short anecdote with denz, one day I am having a bad aura with all the writing stuffs in class and then she told me once her mother told that, “there are people wouldn’t appreciate your work but it is not the reason to stop knocking unto their doors.” from then on when I write I hold on what she had said to me and I am full of hope that I can be a good writer.

“Everyone can be a writer but being a Journalism major is different because you learn the ethics of writing.” – one of the panelists


From the heart.

My first impression unto her is like having the end of my career because of her rules in teaching, honestly speaking I don’t like her when we first met in class on my freshmen year in college, however things change as I know her better and I’ve begun to like her.

I once scolded by her and I am frightened about that thing until now but after that incident changed me. At first I was like in a dark room and alone when that happened, but anyway I’ve had coped up from that, honestly I am still bitter about it, it’s not because I was scolded and I am mad at her (I am not mad at her, swear), but it’s about what I did. I am moving on and coping up with the challenges from her.

As an academician and scholar, she has the passion and love for what she is doing. This morning we are all nervous about her mood but it is all gone when she started talking. She explained why she is like that and I understand what she said to us, I feel her heart from what she is saying to us, I understand all those things and learn from what she said to us, I am touched by her loving and committed heart. I was inspired to do better, I saw her other side and that is the loving teacher who wanted her students to learn what she had learned, I know she wanted to bring change in the field of communications and she wanted to use her students as the key to that change, she wanted our society to bridge the gap among other nations in the field of communications.

I admire her. I am no long afraid of her. I want to learn more from her. I saw something from her that I never saw from my other teachers.

“When I see the gaps between us (Philippines) and other countries in the field of communications, I wanted to fill in those gaps and when I am failing to fill those gaps, I am getting frustrated, about it.” -Prof. G. Pusta (My Proffesor)


Last days.

Stressed out..
yes I am!
three weeks before the classes ends and I am running out of time, making the most of my time in use and not wasted, scheduling my activities turn my whole world into disastrous one.

I am sick for three days and it turn all my schedule into nothing but a waste because I hear voices from within that says to me “Hey! you need a break!”, so I take a break.

I am stressed, yes I am! I am not complaining on what I’ve chosen. Behind these stressful thoughts that I have in my mind I need to think of all the experiences that I am having right now.

I just wanna think that after these stressful days that I am having, I still keep on walking and taking this tremendous life that I am taking in, because I wanted to be not just a responsible but an accountable person to all my decisions.

..I am stress, yes I am! but this is not the end of my career.