If a guy loves you he’ll meet you halfway

When someone says, “we can do anything together and I will always keep holding on”. For a girl, she will hold on to it because she has the power on believing. When you said these phrases, you are creating a so-called, HOPE. Building a relationship strong is a major goal by providing trust and loyalty to each other.

We all know that relationships tend to not last forever and rarely find true love. No one is entitled to hurt a girl but only herself but she allows one person to either love and make her happy or hurt her and make her feel sad and alone. Some girls are no longer believe in love because they had suffered from a severe heartache and their hearts stopped from loving.

When I was in high school

At a certain part of my life I wished to have my own family to raise but on the other hand I have planned also to have a baby; just baby and no daddy. I just need a baby and I can live with it.

At the back of my mind, I have these goals to meet, a sort of bucket list to do in my entire life and I am soon to turn 23 and I am stock in here at home doing nothing. I want to do things and go on places that I want.

Moving out and about

When I am able to do things on my own and some penny on my pocket. I will do all I wanted. I will save up and work hard to reach my limit. For now, I am planning to study again while working. I wanted to reach my limit so that at age 26 I am a teacher and living my life.

This is the reason I do not want to have a family because I want to go to places on my own and reflect on my life. My childhood was already ruined. My adolescence age was merely ruined and my pre-adulthood

is almost but I am not going to allow to change my life. I will pursue one career path and live. I want a house, a car and a life of my own. That is love. If a guy love me he will meet me halfway and support me.

Love for all you have

To love someone is not hard but to forget someone and leave them behind is very hard. That is why I am afraid to love someone because I tend to be dependent unto them and it is difficult to let go.

That is why when a guy said to a girl, “we can do anything together and I will always keep holding on”. The guy gives hope and that hope is very strong to hold on to. Just one sentence but very strong one. I know everyone is not perfect and even girls have their own faults on why relationships didn’t lasts. God created emotion which produces feelings and through that people created love and all its concepts.

Remember (girls and boys), No one is entitled to hurt you but only you unless you allow someone to do it.

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“Understanding” is a big word


I remember back in college and taking up a “Marriage and Family” course subject as a part of the curriculum. One day, my professor let us pick one with: Understanding, Kindness, Forgiveness, and Patience. I don’t recall what my answer is but now, I totally understand what my professor wanted us to learn about it.

She said, “There is always one thing that you could not give among the four and you will have a hard time earning it but just pray for it and ask it to the Lord.”

Now, I have realized that I lacked of Understanding and I really need to earn it. I always have the grace of understanding but what I am trying to explain here the understanding the SITUATIONS especially the unfavorable ones. If I have it, I could also learn how to forgive, be patient and be kind to everyone because I can understand them.

I can forgive someone because I understand his/her or my mistakes. I can be kind to anyone without waiting for any favorable returns. I can be patient towards the things that needs some waiting. If I could earn and learn Understanding I am able to hold on and let go. I can also learn how to give way and sacrifice things and I could not get what I want sometimes. Life is not fair we all know that and we just need to manage our needs and wants.

Use Understanding at any situation

Have you ever been in this situation?

You really wanted something but fate stepped in and at the end you did not have it at all?

  • How do you feel about it?
  • Have you ever asked God, WHY?
  • Did you cry?
  • Did your heart broke into little pieces?
  • What else did you feel?

We really need understanding in here because we have to realize WHY we did not have it or make it. We have to understand that some things in life are not really for us and at some point we could look for its equivalent and feel better. We must admit that LIFE is UNFAIR and we have to deal with it. We need to start moving forward, so that we are not stuck in the mud with our broken hearts.

Why is it a big word?

At any point of our lives whether it is about success or failures, we have to begin with understanding the situations. By the time being, we can asses our actions towards the situation. This is no-brainer I know but we just have to know how to understand things so that  we move forward without any excess or heavy baggage on our back.

Just keep this on your mind,

in every situations whether it is on your side or not just keep your high hopes because there is always tomorrow. Maybe it is not for you or maybe there are a lot bigger plans waiting for you. Keep you feet onto the ground and be humble. Never let anyone tell you what you can do and what you cannot do because you can do anything if you are eager to achieve one thing.

Never stop believing. Never stop. Just never ever stop.


“The desire to write grows with writing.”   -Desiderius Erasmus


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To all the people who thought they are alone and felt like giving up

Move Along


Let the world begin with something new. Something better. Just aim and cross every paths. Take every rough roads and keep on going for your trajectory to land is not the same old place. Keep your heart strong. Keep your life going. Do not stop looking. Do not stop with just thinking all the possibilities. Make it happen. You deserve something colorful in your life. Maybe you live in simple yet happy place at least you’re living your dream. Start to chase every butterfly you see. Fall in love infinitely. Be free. Be honest and be kind to anyone. You have to love every ships that passes unto your life. Stop wanting and thinking everything you could not have but never stop achieving; show what you could have. Stop worrying too much. Stop caring too much. Keep on moving and believing. Keep your aim locked. Keep all the memories settling in your heart and start new ones. Move on along with your heart forget all the things you thought it was for you but suddenly not. Forget all the pains you have. Endure all the struggles, just keep on living. Move along with your mind. Stay happy for it can heal you. Never stop. Never give up. Keep yourself surrounded with people who loved you most than chasing those people who wanted you out of their lives. Move along. Move on along. Keep your aim locked. You deserve to be happy because for all at once, you will only live once. You will only be young once. Make everything in your mind real. Your feet stay on the ground, your heart chases butterflies, your mind is moving. Keep on walking, Keep on flying but please do not run just move along.

Quote: “There is creative reading as well as creative writing.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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It’s Mother’s day!

A mother is a best person to have. When you are still young, your mother dressed you up, care when you are sick and do every responsibility she had for you. When she carry you for nine months, she already signed a long-term slash forever contract. A mother will always be a mother. She will be you very first fan, very first admirer and very first best friend.

A mother have an unconditional love to all. A love that is so pure and over flowing. At the end of the day, you will still run to your mother. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve turned them down or never return their call or even when you said you will going home to stay but you never came. Even if she suffer from the most heart-break she ever had, still, she will stand up for you and wipe her tears and move on. A mother is a very flexible and strong being. She can endure pain because she loves you. She can be your father because your father is missing and maybe he will never come back again.

She could be your best friend and your worst enemy but still she is your mother, you cannot alter it and as a child you must love your mother even if she nagged so hard at you and your siblings, pick up some fights with your father, no time for you because of her busy tasks at work, and being as your ever responsible and over protective mother to you.

She have this genuine heart, full of band-aid and plasters but she is a strong woman. Thank her for bringing you here in this chaotic yet wonderful world. Love her for raising you to be a good child, brother, sister, husband, wife, father and mother to everyone. Care for her because she have a strong heart that beats for you and love you unconditionally. Wipe her tears and make her smile. Make time for her, kiss her in front of everyone, and hug her tight and never let her go of your arms.

You are special in the eyes of your mom. You are lovely in front of your mom. When you feel that no one else love you, look at your mom, she’s loving you. Tell your mom how much you love her. Mother’s day is not only celebrated today but it is celebrated every single day of the year of the decade of the century and ever and ever and ever.

Remember, A mother will always be a mother.


Sending all my love to all the mothers in the world; especially to my Mama, Nanay and Mommy. You have such a good, kind, and humble heart among God’s creations.

Here’s a quote for you,

“A metaphor is like a simile.”
Author Unknown


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Happy one! Labor day! Updates here on my blog: themes, profiles, about me section and more

I have decided to update my blog since this plan is a long overdue on my list. I spend whole day polishing this up to be more reader and visual friendly. These changes also have a good impact for me to blog often and I am happy with it.

I must pursue all of my plans and work on a new list. I have thought about doing some extra activities since I have nothing to do here at home. I thought about changing my blog address when I have availed my domain name. I know it is a lot of work. I love doing some work here in WordPress and this is my very first decent blog I ever have.


I did some profile updates since the old one is an obsolete entry but I am not satisfied with my latest. I need to think more enticing, more realistic and mature about me entry.

I am having a writer’s block when it comes to my about me because I am not a descriptive type of person who reiterate all the things that I love, like and do most. I need to exacerbate something beautifully craft and real.

Labor Holiday

Happy Labor Holiday! The workforce group have some celebration to make this day because today is their day! Some stayed at home and be with their families while others went to the mall and beach to have fun.

I am not yet belong to the work force so I somehow don’t feel the awesomeness of this day. I must admit that I am unemployed but it is not by choice. I have to wait for the right time and while waiting for that right time I must do something fruitful which is merely equal to a job.

Happy One!

Before I forgot, today is also the 40th month of me and Ejay (my guy). We don’t usually celebrate monthsaries so big but still it is special for the both of us. We do not count the months and sometimes we get confused if how many years we have been together. :-)

What is important with monthsaries are the habit of “reminding” how strong we are in our relationship. Nothing can be more important with is to, REMEMBER and greet each other because it pumps the blood in the relationship to let it live strong and happy.

I love today and everyday. Stay happy as you can be and live your life for it is unique.

Quote: “The only reason for being a professional writer is that you can’t help it.”                                                                                                  -Leo Rosten


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Money cannot make you look mature, you know.

Just a thought from me, I am now 22 and all those people whom I know when they are at their 20’s they go to places, see everything that they like, eat everything and live life that they dreamed of because they have this thing on their hands, “money”. I must admit to myself that I envy them (I think people felt it too towards to others and its natural because it is a sign to pursue one thing) but I told myself not to because we have our own paths to walk through and I could not do anything at this time because I am tied up here at home waiting for something.

I think money can make you happy especially when you felt alone. You can buy your own happiness but that’s not for long for sure but moments and satisfaction on what you have now. I think being really happy is looking unto your inner self and look around slowly because having money can put you in a fast phase and you could forget anything.

If I have my money, I will make sure to start saving it for my future and half of it will go to everything I want from fueling up my stomach up to roaming coast to coast.

I think life is all about doing what makes you happy. There are reasons to wait. Dare to get lost, and be kind and humble to everyone. It is all about making memories composed of choices and sacrifices because growing up and being mature is learning how and when to hold on and let go.

Right now I am stuck here at home waiting for so long to have difference in my life. I know sometimes the days passed by doing nothing and I know I am wasting every seconds of my life and chances that I might have. I believed that time will come that my life will be much colorful than anyone else.

When my life starts, I will never let it go. I will never stay at home. I will work hard for every dream that I am dreaming of now. I will not be satisfied with anything, I will keep on chasing dreams and be braver. I will held my feet on the ground and make memories. Between choices and sacrifices I will always choose to be happy in everything.

When that time comes, I will care for myself and love myself like no one did before. :-)

cheers for more happiness and growing up.


Emotions, it can take away your sanity.

I am anxious with anything to everything these past few days and I could not help it. Maybe because I do not have anyone to talk to and to rant on to. I know I am strong to do things on my own. I am good at taking care of people especially the ones I love most. I indeed thought about the past and the future very much and continue to live in my present.

Do you know what I thought about “present”? For me, it is the most random thing that ever invented. It is full of surprises, excitements and setbacks. What I can do about that is to stay strong and be strategically cleared to what I need to push through. I have to set my mind and be a goal oriented person. At this moment, I am at the stage of following rules, staying at home, waiting, caring and making the most of my life with the ones I love. I know that there is no reason to hurry things because I have to slow down and look everything and record it in my mind.


Depressive episodes sometimes come to me and I could not avoid it. I must admit to myself that I feel, happy, loved, anxious, sad, obnoxious, free, excited, depressed, hurt, worried, confined, selfish, cared and more… but at the end I have to be with myself and stay sane enough for those people who loved me. I have to forget those people who were jealous and hate me for I have the right to love on my own.

I felt bad for myself for Google-ing some stuff (manic depression) and might brought me to insanity. I am bewildered with the past and the future made me felt like alone and nothing to the people whom I value the most but I am thankful for my best friend for stopping me to cross the line between sanity and insanity. I have to stay. I have to stay stronger now.


For those of you who are thinking of searching some psychiatric related things in Google. Better to look for someone to talk too like you mother,sister or best friend because they can help you that searching and be paranoid with the things you read.

Or, if you don’t have anyone. Try me. I could help you and lend you my ears and let’s start sharing things. Stay strong. Be brave enough to eliminate whatever monsters you have in your life. Stay with yourself.