It is cool to be “Not cool”

you-are-not-cool I am an average type of girl. Not popular, not a queen bee and not a massive cheer leader who break young boy’s hearts. I fall in the group of girls who are introverts, who dress’ like boys, geeks who read thick books. I don’t actually go in a party in college and I never get out of the academic zone that is why I don’t feel how great to meet some crazy people and how wonderful to feel to be in a crowded place. Sometimes, I wished that I did some things beyond my comfort zone. I never tried to be one of the cool girls in a room and I just let them own the stage and spotlight. I don’t need to be cool just to prove that I can do better than what they think. I don’t need applause or “likes” on my Facebook statuses just to show how popular I am. I am contented with how much attention I got from others. Why is it cool? Being “Not cool” is nice because there are no huge expectations from others who only knew you by what you have shown. I am more happy to know that people who are so close to me understands what I feel. It is more than enough. Being popular is just being noticed it is not knowing who you really are. I wanted to live simple. It means, I could do anything that I want and through success and failures I can cope up easily without criticism of most people who don’t know me. I don’t like spotlight where everyone’s eyes are with me. I want to do things on my own and seek help when I need most. Stop Bullying tumblr_m6uy4nPpPD1qa10uwo1_500 I know bullying is like a curse to those kids who have been bullied in school. I know this is not a cool thing. Whether you are popular or not, everyone is a candidate for bullying. Why kids bully other kids? Maybe bully kids are being bullied also at some point of their lives. They tend to look for those who can bully outside. Sometimes, there are negative effects and it can lead to suicidal issues because of the anxiety, stress and depression caused by bullying. I am against to bullying for I am bullied in school when I was a kid but it never break me. I never let them enter my mind and now, I am free from bullying. If I can do, you can do it also. Never stop from moving forward and do not focus yourself unto them. Be a goal oriented and look in the brighter side. I know it is hard to do it at first but I know you have a brave heart to conquer impossible things in your life. personal sign


10 steps on how to clean the house (my style)


I am confident to say that I am a nice home buddy because I could clean up the entire house for a day. I love it when I am doing it once in a while. I hate dusty and messy house.

I wreck the house when I put up a cleaning day and I mean it by general cleaning. I build a home not a house that’s why I love cleaning the house so that my family loves to go home early and sleep deeply.

Here are 10 things you should do while cleaning up:


1. Get everything you need: rags, pail of water (you can put soaps in it), broom and some polishing aids.

2. Remove everything: dirty linens, curtains, pillow cases, and others and put it in the washers or laundry area.

3. Be sure to do it UP Side Down. It means that you should start cleaning up upstairs if you have and the ceiling where all the old cobwebs covered with soot, sometimes Spiders comes along with it.

4. Inspect all the drawers, containers, organizers, boxes and all the storage things. Throw all the unnecessary objects and trashes. Fix and organize everything.

5. With wet (soaked in water with soap) or dry (along with the polishing spray like Pledge) rags wipe all the furniture or glass surfaces to dust everything. In a modern style, vacuüm all the edges of the furniture. If you have carpet to dust it off you should vacuüm it or wash it off.

6. Sweep all the dirt and put it together in one place or put it in a black bag / trashcan.

7. Be sure to polish and dust off all the furniture and sweep the floor with wet rags or floor polisher.

8. Change all the linens, curtains and pillow cases with new ones ( I mean, clean ones).

9. organize everything and be sure all are set up in the right place.

10. Spray some disinfectant and insecticide sprays like Lysol, Glade, Baygon, Raid or anything that are available in the supermarket.


I am happy when I am done cleaning the house because I can sleep deeply. I must admit to all of you that I am an obsessive compulsive ( O.C. ) person. I wish I could help you or somehow inspire you to clean you house.

Or maybe, you can share your own style of cleaning your home. :)

Diffusion of minds

A lot today seem so fast, days, time, growing up and even life, we never know what comes after and what we have done before, until we realize it was too late to change and go back.

I am talking with my blog, I couldn’t post any blog posts since we started to write our research paper (Thesis). I’ve realized that there’s a lot to do but the time seems so fast.

I sleep at dawn and woke up at noon, it’s tiring and I want a proper disposition and make everything in a right course of time.

My mind seems to bow-up when I realized that everything changed so fast and it is so difficult to control it, The only thing that I need to do is to run. Run as fast as I could to make time for everything.

I don’t know what will happened after school, It was like a blind side of my future because it is another chapter of my life that I should take no matter what. I should make my own plans and make my own dreams. I should make my life easier than what I had before. I just want happiness. With a simple job and simple life, at least I am living but I will never change the way I dream and the way I want to reach my goals. I will not stop soaring higher. Higher than what people thought about me.

I want to go to Paris, France, Rome, Itsly, Florence, Italy and many more. I want to make time for everything for it seems life is so short to fool around and waste time.

Define Freedom

Weeks full of stressful days and now those weeks officially ended. Done with article exam and now I’m having my two days day-off (I’m waiting for this moment) I want to rest all day. I want to feel I am worry free human. stress makes me feel imprisoned on my own personality, It gives me so many reasons to give up and reasons to move on. Sometimes I feel so sick and tired. I want to jump into a cliff and be drop dead on any situations.

I need to read. I am not a born crammer but still I am cramming on so many things that I need to do.

I want to define Freedom.
I want to see those city lights. I want to fly. I want to shout my liberty. I want to create pictures in the skies. I want to feel freedom. I want to run from them. I want to go out and paint city walls with colors of freedom and full of heart creations.

I feel so suffocated and my personality has been abducted by time. I am in full of madness. I am wearing chains. I cannot move. I want to gain freedom. I want to feel frenzy.

Paintings. bright colors. daylight. sky. pictures. flowers.

I want to tell you something. tell that I want something to be painted in the wall of mine. Can you see those skies they are so blue. Hold these brushes isn’t it so nice? waving hand creates lines and patterns they comes from freedom.

Lets sleep together under the tree while the sun is overhauling it flares towards the surface of the earth.

Lets run! lets feel the cool breeze of rainy days. Pick flowers and smell it.

Hobby? Stress remover. abstract. Lets draw together and color the sky in different vibrant colors on paint palette. Lets use the sun, leaves, flowers, water and trees to come up with a beautiful life.

lets smile because frowning makes us feel old and older. Lets smile and laugh together with the sound of ocean reach us and like the infinity of universe that is undefined and measured. Lets feel the mystery of life. Lets love life for being sacred and simple.



Catch those butterflies.

No matter how hard I try to make an entry just to have an entry for June but I can’t. So now! July is here and I am going to make an entry I don’t know what topic but I am sure this is about my life.

I keep on staring the box of quick press for minutes and now I am starting to type what I am thinking right now. so many people conspires to have an inspiration but many have tried to stand alone but they just can do it.

I am going to better soon, I want to write an efficient story that people can relate, I want to make a move though I know little by little I can do it.
as my professor in Spanish1 said, “we all want to learn Spanish language in one day but it takes a lifetime to learn a language.” and I believe that to become a better one I need to pray and practice the craft.

I need to learn the craft I am taking in, I am not practicing witchcraft but I am practicing the craft of writing. So much expectations, so much pressures and it can kill me to death though I am still standing right in-front of anybody trying to move forward step by step a and soon those steps when I put them together it is a long journey of my life and it takes years to see the miles of my road and look back of what I have done.

Taking the life of a real journalist is not easy! I wonder why I am taking this course what I know is, I am half way dead in this.

Last Wednesday, my last class ends at 9 o’clock in the evening and my professor dismissed us thirty minutes early so we are glad to go home early. So, my friends and I are the last who leaves the class together with our professor. At first we are joking our professor to treat us for a snack, we don’t even expect that he will take it seriously, so we are saying goodbyes until he said, “ay goodbye? bye!?” so we are wondering why, it was just mean that he will treat us for a snack (it sort of a late snack and a dinner) so we eat then and had fun chatting.

so Thursday, I suppose to review because we will have a quiz but I am a bit lazy so in the evening I watch movie “The Back up plans” the movie is very good, I really enjoyed it. I remember the line of the guy in the movie, “Some things lasts FOREVER.” it just caught me in because the girl did not believe in forver and that guy making her realize that some things are forever. so lovely quote.

One life, One moment, One month. It’s been a long time since I blogged and now I am posting a blog and I am going to update this again. I am pretty busy with my classes I only have one day off and I am not happy with that. I need more time to adjust and to cope up with my schedules. I need to read a lot as in a lot, particularly newspaper because I need to learn how to write a news story and not like tis kind of story.

Hey summer! I miss you so much! I hope you are fine! No one is special than you.

I am learning to think, I am annoyed with my face that is full of pimples! arrrggh. I know I am complaining maybe you are laughing because of that complains, because sometime when I look in the mirror I see my pimples it just ruin my day though it is none sense to ruin my day because of my pimples.

Incredible June! What a hilarious month! full of adjustments and full of change. I am having my time to take things slowly and make plans ahead. I am wondering why I am so shocked why all my plans are gone, I know something good will happen, I don’t know when, I don’t know where or how I just know that I need to believe.

I feel like I am in a full whirlwind and I cannot grasp everything that is happening around me. I am stuck inside of it and I am in a full blown in magnitude waves of wind. (Oh! that’s how I describe my month of June) Now at this moment I am taking time to make everything going to be fine.