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Learn more about her

Anna is one of the strong, loving and happy girls in the world. She is more often to be positively looking life as a wonderful journey as she survived everyday. Learning, keeps her sane while, experiences keeps her alive. She was made from star dust and fairy hair under the moonlight of September. She doesn’t know how to behave when she feels ecstatic. Talking loud is the sign when she is happy, excited and angry. She is half introvert and partly extrovert. Anna doesn’t have fair complexion, red or blonde hair or even a body and height of a super model but she still loves her own self! Anna loves to eat fruits, cakes, cookies, bread and pasta. She loves watching movies and The Walking Dead series, and she even likes to listen to Taylor Swift and Tegan and Sara. When she’s not writing, you can find her doing households, making a living, spending time with her family and friends, busy changing the world or sleeping because she’s tired. Anna does not sing, draw or dance but she always give her best to learn. She is a Journalist by heart and a wildly young woman not a bitch on her own and to others. She is a writer, a compassionate friend to all, listener and a problem solver from the best she can do. This year Anna aspires to finally give up on dreaming to be an aircraft pilot and will instead focus her heart and mind to pursue another career. Lastly, she believes that life is beautiful and bumps on the road can never be avoided.

Contact Anna

E-mail: ankrishds@yahoo.com
Twitter: @annakrisha
Instagram: @summeraine01
Pinterest: ankrishds
Tumblr: right-and-real

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