Ronan, the little guy that made me cry

I wonder why I cry over a little boy whom break my heart so badly. I think he is perfect enough to live in this world and I think it is kinda unfair to take him to his parents so early.
Know more about Ronan

Where is Ronan?

I can’t help it. I cried. I cried. I cried while reading this. :'(

Where is Ronan?.

RED ALERT for Taylor Swift

She describes her new album

For the last two years, I’ve been working on an album called Red. I called it Red because of the tumultuous, crazy adventures in love and loss that it chronicles. In my mind, when you experience love that’s fast paced and out of control and mixes infatuation, jealousy, frustration, miscommunication, and all of those lovely emotions…in retrospect, it all looks red.”

Alright, Taylor Swift did a live cast web chat and she revealed her new album and single for her fourth album. The live chat was held at Andrea’s home (Taylor’s mom) in Nashville.

Album details

The fourth album dated to release on October 22 and the album title was, RED and her new single was “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. In line with her album title theme she wore a red dress with matching ruby lips that makes her more gorgeous. She unravel the red sheath beside her which was the Album Cover.

The album cover was a profile of her face with her ruby lips and wavy hair which became her new look right after the Speak Now World Tour. This coming fourth album was created and conceptualized by Taylor for two (2) years. She even said that there will be 16-song full of red shades that reflects in her life from the past two years. The 16 songs were chosen from 30-35 songs and she only picked the ones that reflects with the RED album theme.

Swifties are all excited with Taylor’s new album. Taylor even said that in this coming album Swifties could expect more co-writes and some duets from her song artist heroes list. One of them was Ed Sheeran with their co-write and duet, Everything has changed.

Live web chat

Taylor invited some of her lucky fans on the live web chat personally and even entertain some questions from her fans online at Google+ hangout.

According to her lucky fans, they had some tour in her apartment and ate dinner and she even played some of the songs that were included in the album.

Twitter and itunes world

Taylor Swift is trending worldwide and everyone loves her new album and music. Everyone was commenting with her up-beat song and congratulate her with her success.

On itunes, she beat Lady GaGa for being #1 on all genres and since the new single was release on itunes it topped all the way to #1.


Oh God I wish it wasn’t me

“They say there’s always someone in a relationship who loves more, Oh God I wish it wasn’t me”. -Samantha Andrews (If Only movie)

The movie of Jennifer Love-Hewitt moved me but still it makes me sad. The quote above was from the movie. It is the one that Samantha wrote in her notebook. Some people wrote on their blogs about the movie and they quote the ending part where Ian (Samantha’s Boyfriend) say his feeling for her.

The movie was so sad yet meaningful, especially, when it comes about “time”. The time that every couple must have in their relationship. A relationship will work even if it is a long distance one when there is “Time” devoted. there should be a “Me Time”. Work and Everything will come after.

Oh God I wish it wasn’t me

It is really so hard to face something that you’re afraid of like, “breaking-up”. It hurts deeply when someone break your heart. Moving on is a two-syllable word that can easily be said but hard to be one.

No one can say when it will come to an end but be thankful and live fully until it lasts. No one will be so ready to face that you have fallen deeply to that person and he/she never give equally.

You just have to regret something like saying, “I wish I wasn’t fallen deeply”

I need you like a heartbeat

It hurts more when you see him/her walking away from you. It can kill you while watching them packed their things and moved out.

The ring that you used to wear will be no longer important. It will the be worn again. The anniversary dates will easily passes by and it will no longer belong to important date to remember every year.

His/her birthdays will always be a big sigh and that sigh is a silent message for him/her delivered by the winds.

Nothing could be more special to a person than to be loved.

How to save a life -The Fray

“They say there’s always someone in a relationship who loves more”

You are a lucky guy/girl if you are loved by a person so much. It will give his/her life for you to saved. Sometimes, those kind of people are very rare and you are really lucky if you have one.

Ed Sheeran, Ron Weasley, Taylor Swift, Foster the People and some music videos

I think I am missing something here.

10 points for Gryffindor! :D

My first thought about Ed Sheeran while watching his music video of “Lego House”: Oh God! I never thought that Ron (Rupert Grint) can sing!!! and then I wait for the music end and then I found out that the name of that person(ed sheeran) is not Rupert Grint!!

OMG! How is that possible?! It’s Ron!! O.O
Is he have a twin brother or something?!

So I am shocked by then and get used to the song and start to love it and so I played it for several times. At first I am really thinking that Ed Sheeran is the person singing and I am also convinced that Ron Weasley is the person singing and then finally I googled it and found out that Sheeran was the person who lastly appeared on the music video and he looked like Ron! I am surprised and happy.

You can watch it here:

And by the way, for the past weeks Sheeran and Taylor Swift are together because they were writing and recording new songs for Taylor’s new album. I could not wait to here new songs from Taylor but releasing a new album would mean releasing another headlining tour and I need to save money for that event.

Speaking of collaborations, recently Mark Foster of Foster the People tweeted that Taylor and him wrote songs together for her album also. So, it seems like Taylor is having fun doing collaborations and co-writing song from famous/ popular artist at present.

“We actually wrote a song that day. It’s a really cool song. We kind of just went into it casually, like, ‘Yeah, let’s just jam, let’s just have fun and something really cool came out of it. We’ll see what happens with it. She’s been writing a lot for her next record, but yeah — it was a lot of fun working with her. She’s super talented.”, Foster said.

Scott Brochetta, Taylor’s manager tweeted that Taylor will release her new album late October. Like Speak Now, which she released October 25, 2010.

Yeah! Taylor did a lot of it! From Civil Wars to B.o.B and she’s looking amazing in every video she did. recently, she is on “Both of Us” music video set with B.o.B and it looks like it is a great one.


Wonderstrucked by a Barbie doll named, Taylor Swift

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Yesterday, February 19, 2011 to be accurate. I was one of those fans who wanted to see Taylor Swift in person and talked to her. I was one of those who are lucky enough to meet Taylor at her Meet and Greet. I even met his mom and dad at the back stage. I met Jordan, the person behind Taylor connect and Taylor herself know about the Philippine based fans club of her.

I was supposedly seated at Upper Box B of Araneta Coliseum but Jordan gave us pit passes so that me together with the other officers of will be near to Taylor.

Yesterday was really cool! I am thankful to have people who supported me since I knew Taylor will be having her concert here in Manila.

I am still in heaven. I want to make sure that the memory that I had yesterday will be stock in my mind and tell to my future kids and nieces about Taylor.

Describing Taylor
She’s so adorable, She’s PRETTY! She’s Amazing! She’s A Living Barbie doll! and many more! I cannot describe with all the words I know to describe her.

My dream came true. I almost cry in front of her and I said “I Love You Taylor” and she replied, “I Love You Too”. I got a hug from her! I am in heaven that time, She smells good! I Love her hair, dress, shoes, eyes, voice, smell, songs, lyrics, words and everything about her seems so perfect.

We saw her T-Party room! It was so nice and smells good! The ambiance was Taylor like attitude. It was so beautiful! Even the smell of it describes her. It is sad to hear that there’s no T-Party that night and Taylor was asked to go back to her hotel immediately.


Thank you!

I am thankful to those you made me believe and push me to make my dream come true. I am thankful to God, without Him I cannot do anything because in faith I live Fearless! To my mom, with her ever loving thoughts challenged me and she taught me how to stand on my own and achieve my goals. To Ejay, my best friend/boy friend. He is an amazing guy! He taught me things that I never thought I can’t do. He let me do things that I want and support me all through out. He gave insights on things that I do/did. Thank you to my Family, To all the undying Love, Care and Understanding. To my Block mates (3JRN3) who always cheers me up and support me about Taylor Swift. They never tired of hearing me telling stories about Taylor. To my Best friends, I thank you! and to my fellow Swifties who in Taylor Swift Philippines, I want to thank them for being so nice to me and thank you for listening to my suggestions. I LOVE ALL THE PEOPLE WHO ARE BEHIND MY BACK PUSHING ME TO ACHIEVE MY GOALS.




Just one look

December 2010 freaks me out and my Christmas vacation goes weird! Honestly I miss the last time I celebrate this season back in ’09. I did so many things last time but this year? I spend most of my time at home, checking e-mails and discussing things that I never thought that it will become a big headache for me.

Being a fan of Taylor Swift is such an awesome thing. I know its crazy to be a volunteer for her concert here in the Philippines on February 19 ’11. I really admire her but admiring her leads me to do things and aim higher than I thought. I know things gone crazy and being a fan of her is not good for me. I say I am insane, yes I do but what will do? avoid and forget her? and pretend thee is no Taylor Swift at all? I do accept if I am not able to watch her concert. I am losing appetite and I am sounding crazy.

I do really love this year. I learned to feel how to be loved and loved a person also. I learned to see how life beautiful. This year is the time that I turned 20 and decided t explore the world with people who wanted to take a journey with me. Exploring things with people and knowing what I really wanted to be is such an insane stage of my life.

I am currently learning and exploring the pretty side of photography. I am starting to learn things patiently and I want to take pictures of life. I want to take people’s emotions and let people know what life is through pictures but before I can do that I must learn things step by step an at the same time learning to enjoy my life.

I love things that makes me smile, reminisce, laugh, shout, crazy and feel LOVE. This year I am in love with my best friend. Sometimes we argue at things but we talked about it. We dream together and let time flies as we grow up together. I know the road the we are taking together will be rough but I will always remember that I love him no matter what happen I am with him and I will be his girl. I Love him. This year, I’m in-love.

I am facing people, I am facing reality, I am facing rough roads of dilemmas and I’ll be staying strong and let my voice be heard.

Maybe my life is not all about expensive, girly and interesting like others but I am a person who will make my own ways on how people understands me. I know I would not able to please everybody but then I can make my life as how people understand and criticize me on their own knowledge.

And now, I am asking this question unto thy self: why I am easily affected by people and help them out but after a while I always end up alone and those people I thought I can count on are the apathetic ones.