Etude House: Bubble hair color

Last Wednesday, (October 30) I decided to color my hair. I use Etude House’s Bubble hair color in #04 Red Wine. If you are updated to my blog I already colored my hair red using Revlon hair color, You can check my post here.My best friend influenced me on coloring my hair. First, Golden Blonde which I wear for a year. Second, RED early this year and now touched up again with color red. I am absolutely obsessed with dyeing my hair however I am cautious with what I do with my hair because I love my hair and I do not want to lose my natural straight hair because just because I over-processed it.

Etude House


This was the first time I use an Etude product and I am must say, It is good and they have quality products made for Asian girls out there like me. Since it is a Korean product, expect everything is in Korean language and you have to ask the beauty assistants on duty regarding on how to use the product and how it works. I bought a hair coloring product and an eyebrow pencil which are both good!

Bubble hair color: #04 Red Wine

This product was made for ladies who want to dye their own hair at home. This product made home hair coloring job easy unlike other hair color products which you need someone who knows how to dye hair to put it on your hair.

The Box composed of:
Pump Container
Liquid Solution
A conditioner
Pair of gloves
Plastic Cape

It will come out from the pump in foam and you will spread it to your hair liberally, I am sure that you will enjoy it doing this. You are like shampooing your hair. After putting everything, let it set for 30 minutes and wash it after.

Here’s the result:

After awhile…
On the first day, the color is so vibrant but as I wash my hair it loses its color and stained my towels. As expected, red hair colors can be washed off really fast. My hair became a bit dry when I wash it but as time passed by it softens because I use conditioner. You have to use a color protector shampoo and conditioner. I will explain everything about hair coloring on my next post.

The Verdict:

4 out of fivee

Got some questions?

You may leave some questions about hair coloring and Etude House: Bubble Hair Color product. :) Or you may share some awesome moments while coloring your hair, additional advice and product recommendations. Feel free to leave some awesome comments down here. Thanks!




Beauty advice series

BEUTYBefore I dye my hair, I have researched, read more articles and study everything about it because I want best results (who doesn’t want best results for them self? NO ONE!) So, I have noticed that upon learning everything I need to know about hair coloring and how to care for it. After my last post about Etude House: Bubble Hair Color, I have decided 
that after this post, I will share what I have learned about hair coloring and others. I came up also with an idea that I can throw a beauty advice series. I will consecutively write about beauty like, hair care, skin care, facial care and others these following weeks.

Research. Read. Learn.


I am a keen reader of lots of articles at any form (paper or online) and when I am interested with one thing or topic I am very optimistic to know everything about it. I consider it as adding up more knowledge and continuous learning out of school perimeters.

I research all the possible things, guides, products and advice across the internet and magazine articles available around me. I filter them and summarize what I think best. It is like sharing what I know by writing everything here on my blog.

Doing it, on my own

Trying on myself before I preach is one of my rules. I need to be sure on what I tell to you because I know the reason some people stumbled upon my blog because they need to know something good and sometimes, the answer on their questions.

I might rarely share some advice though I am sure that I am 99.9% sure on what I am saying and if you have follow up questions I will help you and answer you with everything I know about the topic.

So ladies, better stay tuned for my beauty series posts.



I recently dyed my hair red

Well, I must say, my hair is not red though I used Revlon hair color, RED 150. My best friend told me that she wanted to color her hair and since she have short hair and I too, we decided to share because there will be some let overs.

I have black hair like most of Asians. I am now hyped with hair dyeing though I don’t know how to bleach my hair so that when I use the hair color products it will surely dye my hair same with what is in the product picture. I have dyed my hair golden blonde before and I have used Revlon too so I trusted this product ever since because it is a good. However, I am using this product on my dark hair and I know it will be different from the product photo unless I bleached my hair.

If there’s someone out there who knows how to bleach hair. I will be thankful if you teach me. Thank you! By the way, I am planning to dye my hair again and I am planning to try  Etude House Red wine hair color. :)



Acne solution: Free from breakouts!

Since my college years I always experience breakouts on my face and it killed me on every photo that I have those days and sometimes I use some photo editing skills to us the invisibility magic of it. :-)

I have used many anti-acne products to prevent breakouts but it is not consistent and I feel the chemicals on my face. Considering my facial skin is highly sensitive.

I have used the Acne Kit product of “Flawless”, It helped me and I liked it but it is very expensive and tedious to work on everyday. I even undergone some Acne facials in “Flawless” clinic. It gave me a blemish free face but on my observation whenever I forgot to put on the advised toner for a.m. and p.m. my face starts to have small breakouts.

 Since, that product is so expensive that I could not afford to buy the kit every now and then I opted to look for other means of prevention.

I have searched a number of online advice before I jump into another product and I am assuring that it is effective, cheaper and not that harmful for my face.

So, my friend told me something that she recommended to her brother. She advice me to use Eskinol facial cleanser every evening or anytime of the day considering that I am not going to be exposed to the sun for a long time

She even asked me to put some anti-bacterial formulation on it, I bought Clyndamycin (generic name): Dalacin-C (brand name). I pour it in the solution and shake it well.

I tried Eskinol when I was in high school, that is why I believed that it is effective but for the additional formula was still unknown.

For the facial wash that I really need to have before I put the Eskinol with anti-bacterial formula. I have seen my friend using Lactacyd blue on her face. I asked her if it is effective then she said, “yes” :-)

I think about it, if I am going to use it until I think of something. Babies use Lactacyd blue and they have sensitive skins, therefore, I can use it too since I have a sensitive facial skin.

I am using it for two months or so and I am experiencing a luxurious benefits! At first, there is no improvements but after two weeks, my pores starts to minimize and then my acne dried up. The blemishes comes after the pimple clearing stage. Just continue using those formula and get a clearer and pimple free face! :-)

Now, I am happy about it! I am BREAKOUT FREE for months!


New hair cut and color and Revlon ColorSilk Luminista review

Yesterday, Me and my grade school best friend had a hair bonding. I had my hair cut then later we dyed it with Revlon’s Luminista: Medium Blonde 175 hair color. It is really fun to color our hair because it is my first time to color my hair and it is blonde!!

We thought about having an ash brown color of our hair since we have a naturally black hair. It turned out that I have a golden brown hair! :) my first time in hair coloring was slightly good enough. My boyfriend liked it though I know it is pretty unusual to see me having different hair color.

Everyone astounded with my new hair. I am pretty much confident to carry it on than to cry underneath my pillows and say, “I want my old hair color back!!!!”.

Revlon ColorSilk Luminista

Revlon’s ColorSilk: Luminista review:

Revlon’s hair color treatment was nice. It smells good unlike the other hair treatments in the salons which have stinky smells. It is easy to use and it could cover short and medium length hair and maybe those who have long hair 1 1/2 to 2 packages can cover the hair. For those who have short hair since the color solution is for single use, it is good for two persons who have both short hairs. ColorSilk Luminista is a good to try. :)

Package content:
Medium Blonde
Applicator with color powder | Revlon Color Silk Luminista solution | Gloves and instructions sheet