Pitch Perfect have its Perfect Pitch

 I know this is a late movie review because everyone already watched Pitch Perfect and I am here I just manage to watched it this week with my sister.

At first, I was totally in doubt with the film because it is a musical film and I get bored. As I watch, all the fun and comedy entertainment were mashed-up with different attitudes of the characters made the film entertaining until the end.

I’ve never watched a same movie twice or thrice in a week but this movie made me do it anyway. I bet, the success of the film is the touch of the real singing and dancing of the characters on the real shoot.

To those who still not seen the movie yet, better hurry! So, we can talk about it here. :-) Trust me, it is a fun movie and you can’t get enough of singing along and watching it over and over.


They did a good performance! In both singing and dancing they are the best. The actuality and portrayal of each characters are lying underneath their real selves.

Every character has this ability to stay on the audience’s mind. Each of them are able to showcase their talents but they standout as one group.

To the, director, writers and producers together with the crew, team and staff, they all did a very nice and epic job for this movie.


I must say this, If you are looking for something to remind you about how young you are while remembering how old you are because of all the mashed-up songs that garners music from the decades up to now.


I better not discuss the movie plot because you have to watch it! If a movie is worth to watch not only you but others, respect them for not giving spoilers. That’s my first rule, but if it is not for recommendation, I better spill the beans.

Here’s a quote for you:

“The best style is the style you don’t notice.”                                                                                  Somerset Maugham


personal sign


Fairytales going wild?

Classic children fairy tales never fade because children started to read with these classic stories like Snow White and the seven dwarfs, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Alice in Wonderland and all others that everyone read from their childhood.

I have observed that these children tales were adapted into film with a twist and somehow did not fit for children at all (for teens because it shifted to action); more of pre-teen to adult features. It is more of an action packed adventure than telling the classic story.

On my view

From the base of the story, film makers took the chance to bring more life and action to children tales. Nevertheless, “the adaptation era” which is now can affect the chance of the new and more good stories a chance to be showcased in the film industry. The continuous habit of the film makers of producing adapted stories from books a chance of viewer’s rate or may gain higher gross of income but chances are, the lack of original plots may affect the viewers perception towards the new movie formulas especially when not introduced well to the mass.

The increasing adaptation of movies can affect the young and old people towards the perception of “what is a good movie”, I am not saying these adaptations were not good because I have seen them recently and it is all good but I am concern with kids who watched and will watch the movies. Their perception about fairy tales might be altered. The growing industry of film adaptions is increasing today and we could not deny it at all.

I, personally thinks that we need to have a new breed of stories and new formulas for romance, comedy, suspense-thriller, horror and action.

May I ask you about your view about this topic? what is your opinion? Do you agree with me or not? why? :-)


Oh God I wish it wasn’t me

“They say there’s always someone in a relationship who loves more, Oh God I wish it wasn’t me”. -Samantha Andrews (If Only movie)

The movie of Jennifer Love-Hewitt moved me but still it makes me sad. The quote above was from the movie. It is the one that Samantha wrote in her notebook. Some people wrote on their blogs about the movie and they quote the ending part where Ian (Samantha’s Boyfriend) say his feeling for her.

The movie was so sad yet meaningful, especially, when it comes about “time”. The time that every couple must have in their relationship. A relationship will work even if it is a long distance one when there is “Time” devoted. there should be a “Me Time”. Work and Everything will come after.

Oh God I wish it wasn’t me

It is really so hard to face something that you’re afraid of like, “breaking-up”. It hurts deeply when someone break your heart. Moving on is a two-syllable word that can easily be said but hard to be one.

No one can say when it will come to an end but be thankful and live fully until it lasts. No one will be so ready to face that you have fallen deeply to that person and he/she never give equally.

You just have to regret something like saying, “I wish I wasn’t fallen deeply”

I need you like a heartbeat

It hurts more when you see him/her walking away from you. It can kill you while watching them packed their things and moved out.

The ring that you used to wear will be no longer important. It will the be worn again. The anniversary dates will easily passes by and it will no longer belong to important date to remember every year.

His/her birthdays will always be a big sigh and that sigh is a silent message for him/her delivered by the winds.

Nothing could be more special to a person than to be loved.

How to save a life -The Fray

“They say there’s always someone in a relationship who loves more”

You are a lucky guy/girl if you are loved by a person so much. It will give his/her life for you to saved. Sometimes, those kind of people are very rare and you are really lucky if you have one.

Time to talk about

I have watched two movies today in Youtube. First, “If  Only” it is a melodramatic movie and it put me on tears. Second, “Honey, We shrunk ourselves” a happy movie and can keep me laughing.

From serious to happy movie is a good therapy for me. Especially, I am in a cold state because of a man whom I love so much and he driven me crazy now and then. He never failed to make me mad at him because of his simple conversations with me. I think we are not going to far and I am gonna call out! I am mad at the same time I am sad.

“They say there’s always someone in a relationship who loves more, Oh God I wish it wasn’t me”. -Samantha Andrews (If Only movie)


I always pray to God two things about myself that I wanna  have. those are the graces of “Understanding” and “Patience”. I have learned from my “Marriage and Family” course subject in college that a continuous prayer about giving graces can be granted but not immediately. I am trying. To the point that I make myself blind with everything or just be so numb.

I could not help it but sometimes there will be a point that I am “I could not tolerate it”. I admit that I always picked fights but those fights will not be fights without him igniting it.


When I am not in the mood, I am silent and I am in the corner. I know that if I will say anything he will get mad at me and it will goes on and on and on. He will not talk to me and never give a damn to see me if I am still alive.

I know I am crazy and a real moody person especially when I feel “not important” to anybody.

To anyone who I am not attached I easily get away and forget them. I could leave their lives easily in a snap, but when those people whom I really love most make me feel that, I could not stay away from it. I cannot help it but to be silent and cool down unless they triggered me to talk and talk and talk.


Among women or even men  get jealous though it depends on how they manage it. I am a territorial person sometimes. I only pick some but not everyone.

I am a loquacious person especially when I am mad. I talk loud when I am on fire and I fight when I am mad. I put a man down when I have to.

There is nothing to be jealous about. The only thing  annoys me is that I need a “ME time” even not everyday but at least I would feel I am important to a person that equally important to me.


Between me and him every thing is beautiful especially when I feel loved. One thing that kills me every time is the fact that I am feeling sad or mad without a reason or if there is a reason it is a very petty reason.

I always thought about many things. I always talk to myself alone. My relationship to myself is a good one. I do not want to lose any thread of hope.

I do not easily give up on relationships. The only way to break myself in to a relationship is to feel pain or a great madness to a person. And when that happened, expect me that I will never turn back again. I will never look back again for a reason of the intense feeling that pushes me to wipe all the love and only hate will remain.

I am not a quitter in a relationship. It might kill me or beat me to death, still I am going for it. For it is the only thing that keeps me alive.


Ed Sheeran, Ron Weasley, Taylor Swift, Foster the People and some music videos

I think I am missing something here.

10 points for Gryffindor! :D

My first thought about Ed Sheeran while watching his music video of “Lego House”: Oh God! I never thought that Ron (Rupert Grint) can sing!!! and then I wait for the music end and then I found out that the name of that person(ed sheeran) is not Rupert Grint!!

OMG! How is that possible?! It’s Ron!! O.O
Is he have a twin brother or something?!

So I am shocked by then and get used to the song and start to love it and so I played it for several times. At first I am really thinking that Ed Sheeran is the person singing and I am also convinced that Ron Weasley is the person singing and then finally I googled it and found out that Sheeran was the person who lastly appeared on the music video and he looked like Ron! I am surprised and happy.

You can watch it here:

And by the way, for the past weeks Sheeran and Taylor Swift are together because they were writing and recording new songs for Taylor’s new album. I could not wait to here new songs from Taylor but releasing a new album would mean releasing another headlining tour and I need to save money for that event.

Speaking of collaborations, recently Mark Foster of Foster the People tweeted that Taylor and him wrote songs together for her album also. So, it seems like Taylor is having fun doing collaborations and co-writing song from famous/ popular artist at present.

“We actually wrote a song that day. It’s a really cool song. We kind of just went into it casually, like, ‘Yeah, let’s just jam, let’s just have fun and something really cool came out of it. We’ll see what happens with it. She’s been writing a lot for her next record, but yeah — it was a lot of fun working with her. She’s super talented.”, Foster said.

Scott Brochetta, Taylor’s manager tweeted that Taylor will release her new album late October. Like Speak Now, which she released October 25, 2010.

Yeah! Taylor did a lot of it! From Civil Wars to B.o.B and she’s looking amazing in every video she did. recently, she is on “Both of Us” music video set with B.o.B and it looks like it is a great one.


Catch those butterflies.

No matter how hard I try to make an entry just to have an entry for June but I can’t. So now! July is here and I am going to make an entry I don’t know what topic but I am sure this is about my life.

I keep on staring the box of quick press for minutes and now I am starting to type what I am thinking right now. so many people conspires to have an inspiration but many have tried to stand alone but they just can do it.

I am going to better soon, I want to write an efficient story that people can relate, I want to make a move though I know little by little I can do it.
as my professor in Spanish1 said, “we all want to learn Spanish language in one day but it takes a lifetime to learn a language.” and I believe that to become a better one I need to pray and practice the craft.

I need to learn the craft I am taking in, I am not practicing witchcraft but I am practicing the craft of writing. So much expectations, so much pressures and it can kill me to death though I am still standing right in-front of anybody trying to move forward step by step a and soon those steps when I put them together it is a long journey of my life and it takes years to see the miles of my road and look back of what I have done.

Taking the life of a real journalist is not easy! I wonder why I am taking this course what I know is, I am half way dead in this.

Last Wednesday, my last class ends at 9 o’clock in the evening and my professor dismissed us thirty minutes early so we are glad to go home early. So, my friends and I are the last who leaves the class together with our professor. At first we are joking our professor to treat us for a snack, we don’t even expect that he will take it seriously, so we are saying goodbyes until he said, “ay goodbye? bye!?” so we are wondering why, it was just mean that he will treat us for a snack (it sort of a late snack and a dinner) so we eat then and had fun chatting.

so Thursday, I suppose to review because we will have a quiz but I am a bit lazy so in the evening I watch movie “The Back up plans” the movie is very good, I really enjoyed it. I remember the line of the guy in the movie, “Some things lasts FOREVER.” it just caught me in because the girl did not believe in forver and that guy making her realize that some things are forever. so lovely quote.

One life, One moment, One month. It’s been a long time since I blogged and now I am posting a blog and I am going to update this again. I am pretty busy with my classes I only have one day off and I am not happy with that. I need more time to adjust and to cope up with my schedules. I need to read a lot as in a lot, particularly newspaper because I need to learn how to write a news story and not like tis kind of story.

Hey summer! I miss you so much! I hope you are fine! No one is special than you.

I am learning to think, I am annoyed with my face that is full of pimples! arrrggh. I know I am complaining maybe you are laughing because of that complains, because sometime when I look in the mirror I see my pimples it just ruin my day though it is none sense to ruin my day because of my pimples.

Incredible June! What a hilarious month! full of adjustments and full of change. I am having my time to take things slowly and make plans ahead. I am wondering why I am so shocked why all my plans are gone, I know something good will happen, I don’t know when, I don’t know where or how I just know that I need to believe.

I feel like I am in a full whirlwind and I cannot grasp everything that is happening around me. I am stuck inside of it and I am in a full blown in magnitude waves of wind. (Oh! that’s how I describe my month of June) Now at this moment I am taking time to make everything going to be fine.