It is cool to be “Not cool”

you-are-not-cool I am an average type of girl. Not popular, not a queen bee and not a massive cheer leader who break young boy’s hearts. I fall in the group of girls who are introverts, who dress’ like boys, geeks who read thick books. I don’t actually go in a party in college and I never get out of the academic zone that is why I don’t feel how great to meet some crazy people and how wonderful to feel to be in a crowded place. Sometimes, I wished that I did some things beyond my comfort zone. I never tried to be one of the cool girls in a room and I just let them own the stage and spotlight. I don’t need to be cool just to prove that I can do better than what they think. I don’t need applause or “likes” on my Facebook statuses just to show how popular I am. I am contented with how much attention I got from others. Why is it cool? Being “Not cool” is nice because there are no huge expectations from others who only knew you by what you have shown. I am more happy to know that people who are so close to me understands what I feel. It is more than enough. Being popular is just being noticed it is not knowing who you really are. I wanted to live simple. It means, I could do anything that I want and through success and failures I can cope up easily without criticism of most people who don’t know me. I don’t like spotlight where everyone’s eyes are with me. I want to do things on my own and seek help when I need most. Stop Bullying tumblr_m6uy4nPpPD1qa10uwo1_500 I know bullying is like a curse to those kids who have been bullied in school. I know this is not a cool thing. Whether you are popular or not, everyone is a candidate for bullying. Why kids bully other kids? Maybe bully kids are being bullied also at some point of their lives. They tend to look for those who can bully outside. Sometimes, there are negative effects and it can lead to suicidal issues because of the anxiety, stress and depression caused by bullying. I am against to bullying for I am bullied in school when I was a kid but it never break me. I never let them enter my mind and now, I am free from bullying. If I can do, you can do it also. Never stop from moving forward and do not focus yourself unto them. Be a goal oriented and look in the brighter side. I know it is hard to do it at first but I know you have a brave heart to conquer impossible things in your life. personal sign


“Understanding” is a big word


I remember back in college and taking up a “Marriage and Family” course subject as a part of the curriculum. One day, my professor let us pick one with: Understanding, Kindness, Forgiveness, and Patience. I don’t recall what my answer is but now, I totally understand what my professor wanted us to learn about it.

She said, “There is always one thing that you could not give among the four and you will have a hard time earning it but just pray for it and ask it to the Lord.”

Now, I have realized that I lacked of Understanding and I really need to earn it. I always have the grace of understanding but what I am trying to explain here the understanding the SITUATIONS especially the unfavorable ones. If I have it, I could also learn how to forgive, be patient and be kind to everyone because I can understand them.

I can forgive someone because I understand his/her or my mistakes. I can be kind to anyone without waiting for any favorable returns. I can be patient towards the things that needs some waiting. If I could earn and learn Understanding I am able to hold on and let go. I can also learn how to give way and sacrifice things and I could not get what I want sometimes. Life is not fair we all know that and we just need to manage our needs and wants.

Use Understanding at any situation

Have you ever been in this situation?

You really wanted something but fate stepped in and at the end you did not have it at all?

  • How do you feel about it?
  • Have you ever asked God, WHY?
  • Did you cry?
  • Did your heart broke into little pieces?
  • What else did you feel?

We really need understanding in here because we have to realize WHY we did not have it or make it. We have to understand that some things in life are not really for us and at some point we could look for its equivalent and feel better. We must admit that LIFE is UNFAIR and we have to deal with it. We need to start moving forward, so that we are not stuck in the mud with our broken hearts.

Why is it a big word?

At any point of our lives whether it is about success or failures, we have to begin with understanding the situations. By the time being, we can asses our actions towards the situation. This is no-brainer I know but we just have to know how to understand things so that  we move forward without any excess or heavy baggage on our back.

Just keep this on your mind,

in every situations whether it is on your side or not just keep your high hopes because there is always tomorrow. Maybe it is not for you or maybe there are a lot bigger plans waiting for you. Keep you feet onto the ground and be humble. Never let anyone tell you what you can do and what you cannot do because you can do anything if you are eager to achieve one thing.

Never stop believing. Never stop. Just never ever stop.


“The desire to write grows with writing.”   -Desiderius Erasmus


personal sign

French Classes!

I am now enrolled in a French class and I am enjoying it! You should try it if you’re interest is mainly in foreign language. I easily learned new things, culture, stuffs and especially how to speak in french though I am a beginner.

I have started last August and it will end on October. It is the 4th session and I am in a A1 class. At first it seemed so easy to learn the language but as the class goes on it is getting harder than I thought but I am pretty determined and interested to learn the language.

know more about the school

5 things students do with their uniform and some…

Students who wear school uniforms everyday and feels so sick and tired wearing it like it was a lifetime obligation though it is only while schooling. Every students can relate with this problem.

Some do not want uniform change while some wanted to or even some of them do not want to wear uniform at all while some wanted to have uniform because they do not have enough clothes to wear in school and have a new outfit look every school days.

5 things what students do in their uniforms

1. They alter the required length of the skirt (girls) | Altering the required cut of the pants (boys)

2. Putting other accessories (beads, sequence, patches)

3. Students customize it. (polo / blouse)

4. Adding some “in” clothes (jackets  / socks / shoes)

5. Wearing different color of shoes, socks, skirts and others.

School uniform misadventures

When I was in college my uniform really sucks. It is! Everyday, upon travelling to school, there is someone will ask me if what year I am in high school and if I am a public school student.

My usual reply to them and smile, “Do I really like a high school student? Maybe because of my height and uniform. I am a fourth year college student in UST (University of Santo Tomas)”.

Right after I said those phrases, their eyes widened and laugh and say, “REALLY?! I thought you are only a high school student.”

Oh well, just look at this photo of me:

An old-fashioned uniform

While others schools / colleges / universities change uniforms to fit a new trend in school fashion and to flexibility of the uniform in or out of the campus. Old fashioned uniforms really sucks for others especially for those students who wanted to go out wearing nice and neat uniform tagging along the school name.

When I was in UST, the clamor for uniform change is so loud but the department do not want to change the traditional uniform because there is a “meaning” of what we are wearing for a reason.

I discovered that AB (Liberal Arts Department) uniform in UST was designed way back in 70s, 80’s, 90’s or even older.

Just take a look at this picture.

The evolution of AB uniform in UST

Uniforms is a universal identity

Wearing a uniform can put a person in a class or type which helps the people or the society to keep up things as they are and maybe maintain Karl Marx’s “class struggle”, where there is a proletariat and aristocrat.

Uniforms can help us determine who we are and what status we belong to.


Continental and Archaeological Culture in the Philippines

In every community there are some culture that you may like or not. Some people like it because they get used to it but the others did not because they know they are not like them or it is not the culture that he/she was born.

In a third world country (developing country/ Philippines), In an ordinary community, that middle families belongs. Gossips or rumors always came up. Sad but it is true. Hearing bad and rude words from people to people; accusing each other’s mistakes while they do the same. Immorality sometimes takes place and community issues are just as usual as it is.

A matter of culture.

Seeing bystanders along the streets while doing their own businesses like, gossiping and backstabbing each other’s backs, looking for louse while seated in a staircase, drinking liquors at night hearing funny and really idealist and intriguing thoughts of a drunk person or maybe hearing a loud noise from a fight of these drunk people, eating deliciously cooked street foods and listening for a latest gossip in town. A culture that you can see in the Philippines. It is way too happy and too humorous to just sit in one corner and observing the culture. Sometimes, the feeling of being outcast in one culture is a way of determining or classifying one culture to another.

A Filipino

The culture of Filipino people are a loving culture and it could adapt to any situation and could recover to any disaster. Filipinos have a spirit that never dies, when get hurt and rollover the hill, Filipinos will again stand-up and walk again. Filipinos sometimes cry and get hurt but they surely smile many times than to frown and get mad.

Foolish smiles in Filipino politics

The reason politicians fool Filipinos, they deceive and those Filipinos who trust have a hope to hang on to and say, “Maybe, he is the person we need.” and then it will end up, “I wish I never voted him/her”.

Oh well, on 2013, election season and politicians were busy digging up roads and dikes to gain more funds. I wish Filipinos will choose a better political leader who sometimes do partly honest and corrupt things than those who were eaten by greed.

Because, it becomes a trend and it becomes a usual thing and Maybe it becomes a strong CULTURE that can hardly to bend; but when a person decided to change the world and everyone do the same, it will surely change the CULTURE.


A Fresh Graduate like me

“My diploma just arrived today and I am so happy! I know it is just a piece of paper in a tube but it really matters to me. I do not have work at this moment, I am at home: being a bum.”

Life to deal with

In the real world there is no exact direction. Everyone needs to choose their own journey and have a good faith. Everyone needs confidence at this moment. Everyone undergo to a test like, searching for a right job, passing the interview, doing everything right and loving the job.

There is no definite future for everyone. What is important to life is be happy while surviving.

What is different from a person having a career on a degree that he finished but full of stress while the other person is enjoying the life running a small business, a farm land or a different course that he finished?


Everyone needs satisfaction with their lives.

No one can tell what is enough for a person because only “YOU” can tell what do you really need and what do you really want. Having an enough money to buy food, clothing and shelter. Enough savings so that no one can say that you are selfish. What God wanted you is be a good disciple and help other people and share your kindness [I know that’s a universal commandment; but that’s true!]. You know that money can buy anything in this world but here are some exceptions.


By the way, here’s my diploma :)

AB Diploma

It took ten years to…

It took ten years to… establish confidence to pursue a career and it took another thousand years to decide what path should I take because it is a life long journey.

After college, there is no turning back, I could only go ahead and make right choices for my life. I am a life perfectionist indeed but it is somewhat idealistic right? In life there is nothing perfect because shit really happens. Sometimes I thought everything is under control but sometimes at the end I am in a hurry.

Now my life is currently in a phase which I called, “It tool ten years too…”. I want to have a career in writing but I am good enough to be a writer? I am confident enough to let them read what I write? These questions frequently pops out in my mind and it drives me crazy and lose my confidence to take a chance. I know without trying anything I would not be able to know my strengths and weaknesses. So I need to conquer my fears, try everything, and do my best. I have to say YES I need to work!