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Acne solution: Free from breakouts!

Since my college years I always experience breakouts on my face and it killed me on every photo that I have those days and sometimes I use some photo editing skills to us the invisibility magic of it. :-)

I have used many anti-acne products to prevent breakouts but it is not consistent and I feel the chemicals on my face. Considering my facial skin is highly sensitive.

I have used the Acne Kit product of “Flawless”, It helped me and I liked it but it is very expensive and tedious to work on everyday. I even undergone some Acne facials in “Flawless” clinic. It gave me a blemish free face but on my observation whenever I forgot to put on the advised toner for a.m. and p.m. my face starts to have small breakouts.

 Since, that product is so expensive that I could not afford to buy the kit every now and then I opted to look for other means of prevention.

I have searched a number of online advice before I jump into another product and I am assuring that it is effective, cheaper and not that harmful for my face.

So, my friend told me something that she recommended to her brother. She advice me to use Eskinol facial cleanser every evening or anytime of the day considering that I am not going to be exposed to the sun for a long time

She even asked me to put some anti-bacterial formulation on it, I bought Clyndamycin (generic name): Dalacin-C (brand name). I pour it in the solution and shake it well.

I tried Eskinol when I was in high school, that is why I believed that it is effective but for the additional formula was still unknown.

For the facial wash that I really need to have before I put the Eskinol with anti-bacterial formula. I have seen my friend using Lactacyd blue on her face. I asked her if it is effective then she said, “yes” :-)

I think about it, if I am going to use it until I think of something. Babies use Lactacyd blue and they have sensitive skins, therefore, I can use it too since I have a sensitive facial skin.

I am using it for two months or so and I am experiencing a luxurious benefits! At first, there is no improvements but after two weeks, my pores starts to minimize and then my acne dried up. The blemishes comes after the pimple clearing stage. Just continue using those formula and get a clearer and pimple free face! :-)

Now, I am happy about it! I am BREAKOUT FREE for months!


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  1. Hello please help. Dati kasi ng ganito ako nug 1styr college ako ksi ngkapimples ako due to stresa tas nawala til april 2012 ginamit ko to..sobrang d nako ngkkapimples kinis pa ng face ko.. Pro mga april hndi na nwwork una ngkapimple ako ng malaki bec sa puyat sgru dhl ngbbntay kmi hsptal then end of april ngkkpimples nako maliliit til now :/ i stop usig eskinol last july.. Pero now ngkkpimples pa n ako.. :/
    I dunno if just my hormones or what kasi bfre 28 days cycle ko.. March31 ako my period tas May1 dun palang.. I think ngiba cycle ko.. :/ i miss my old face.. First time ko nagpaderma yung mga gamot na bngay nya like adapalene di ko hiyang.. Tas lahat ng eskinol binili ko na.. :/ peri di na ngwowowork please help me.. I tried everything.. Ngyun Diamond orange peel & l-gluta soap gmit ko.. Tas benzoyl peroxide.. Tas wala na.. :/
    Ginagamit ko nlng ung eskinol sa tzones ko.. :/

    • Hi! Anne, When I was in college I used to have pimples and I even tried derma and other expensive acne products but whenever I skip a day, pimples comes back again. So I tried this formula. What kind of Eskinol did you used? Classic with Grains? that’s effective especially when you add Clyndamycin on it. Clyndamycin is available in 150 mg to 300 mg. 150mg for small bottle and 300mg for large bottle.

      Plus, use Lactacyd blue as your facial cleanser, it is gentle for those who have sensitive facial skins. For the first few weeks wash your face twice as in, wash your face with lactacyd then rinse it then wash it again with lactacyd. Do it every morning and evening. For applying Eskinol, it is best to use it at night for our skin exfoliates at night when we are asleep.

      Personally, I have hormonal imbalance, so, my period is irregular which also can be a reason of breakouts. Don’t forget also stress can cause breakouts also and sleeping very late at night but we could not avoid those things, right?

      You can make some solution like this to treat your acne problem. Drink water frequently. Try to sleep early if you can’t avoid to sleep late, just try to have a complete rest. :-)

      I hope I helped you out through your problem, Dearest Anne! :-)
      If you have further questions, just reply and i’ll answer it. :-)
      Take Care.

      • Hello again, i’m so happy that you answered my questions sobra ako depress sa pimples ko. Before ngeeskinol ng ako w/o grains.. I used it for 2yrs then nun ngang may it stop working.. Nagkkaroon ako small pimples til now.. Di nako ngeeskinol pero ngkkpimples p dn ako.. Do you think yung skin ko nag iba? Not the eskinol formulation? Please text me i need your help 09068381930 thnks :)

    • Hi Anne!
      Sorry about the delays!
      I am still using it today and it is good!
      I must say that observe your skin while using it. it will not effect right away, you need to wait three weeks or more depending of the severity of your breakouts.
      I must recommend the lactacyd blue for baby to use as a facial wash it helps to clean your face especially if you have sensitive skin. Observe your diet, stay away from fatty or oily foods because it could make your glands secrete more oil. Dirt and pollution can also cause breakouts. So, if you are always exposed to air pollution it would create some clog pores and turn into acne. Just make sure you drink more water and clean your face every now and then especially before sleeping.

      If you put on some make-up. Please avoid it while in treatment so that your face can breathe and release its impurities. I hope I helped you!

      you could send me some queries via facebook: facebook.com/ankrishds and via twitter: @annakrisha :) just tell me your name so I could accept your requests.

      • Hello ate.. Hmmm. I’m afraid to use eskinol again.. Diba ginamit ko yun for 2yrs then bgla nalang ako ngkkpimples.. :( idunno what happened.. Kahit di nako ngeeskinol ngkkpimples p dn ako. Di ko tlg alam yung cause nito.. D mn ako ngkkaganito dati e.. Yung lactacyd blue i bought it already. Pero di ko continue use kasi feeling ko d mn effective. Ilang weeks bago mo makita results? Ilan months mo na gmit yung eskinol and lactacyd? :)
        And oo nga pala.. What is you regimen?

      • hindi ko sure if sa eskinol nga ang nag cause pagkakaroon mo ng pimples baka dahil din sa ibang causes yun, environment.

        yung sa lactacyd naman hindi agad eepekto yun., mga 3 weeks or more pero i am sure effective yun dahil ginagamit na rin yun ng kapatid, pinsan at mga friends ko at it is really effective as for me too.

        Matagal ko nang ginagamit yung dalawa na yun. hindi naman ako nagkakapimples. nagkakapimples lang talaga ako pag magkakaroon na.

        Beauty regimen? actually yun lang ang ginagawa ko but i try to avoid oily foods like peanuts. sometimes I sleep in a complete sleeping time (6-8hrs). drink more water.

        I did not use make-up or anything just powder. pressed powder sometimes but always clean the puff. always clean your face especially when you went to polluted areas.

        sometimes, sa first time na gamit mo ng isang product magkakapimples ka ng marami because your face release all the impurities in your face (clog pores because of dirt) just continue then after awhile kikinis yun.

        Kahit hindi ka muna gumamit ng eskinol, just try washing your face with lactacyd para makahinga yung skin mo then after nun gamit ka ng anti acne product that is good for you facial skin. Pang sensitive skin ang lactacyd blue there is no harmful chemicals kaya maganda sa acne prone skin. :)

      • Ate.. Nng ngstart ako mgkapimples yun ngpaderma ako.. :( tas yung mga gamot like adapalene di ko gsto kaso ngkkpimples. Oo nga papalabasin nya muna lahat.. :( pero ate gsto ko na gumamit ng eskinol ult. Gumagamit ako ng garnier facial scrub ngyn sana effective.. Pero if after onemonth if ngkkpimples p dn ako gmt ako ult ng lactacyd :)

      • alright :)
        kung napaderma ka baka dahil dun yun. hindi ka hiyang. na try ko na yung acne treatment ng Flawless and their acne kit actually effective yun though it is very expensive so I choose another way and until now lactacyd and eskinol pa rin :)

        I hope maging hiyang ulit yung face mo sa eskinol. garnier okay din. na-try ko na pero hindi ako nagtagal dun.

        pag gumamit ka ng any product dapat may moisture pa rin yung face mo, that is the sign that your skin is reacting pag nag-dry yun ibig sabihin hindi good yung product for your face. :)

      • Alam mo ate yung pimples ko. Hndi sila cystic. Small ones sila. :( whiteheads sila ate. Dun ako ngstart ngkaroon ngnpimples gnn lgi

      • Nope ate.. Uh. Before pa ako paderma nagkkpimples nko maliit.. :/ may case dn na one of my frnd is using eskinol. Prho kami ngkkroon ng small pimples. And oily face panaman ako. :(

      • i’ve never got pimples while using eskinol kasi unless hindi pag nalilimutan ko mag lagay ayun nagkakaroon ako pero nawawala agad once i put eskinol. :)

        maybe nagktaon lang yun and facial treatment sometimes triggers our pores to be more open kasi so kailangan nung mga kit.

        mga 6 months na siguro akong gumagamit. :) and it suddenly cleared out my face with pimples. blemishes gone right after the pimples heal.

      • Aww thankyou.. Ilan months mo na gmt eskinol? And what eskinol gmt mo?
        Pharmacy student pala ako ate.. :/ kaya nlloka nako sa kksearch bg gamot sa pimples :(

  2. May dalacin pa yun? Eskinol clear with grains gamit mo? And di ka ba ngooily dun? Ako ksi nung gmt ko lagi ako oily kaya lagi ako nglalagay ng eskinol.. Alm m ba yung acid mantle?

    • hindi naman ako masyadong nag-ooily dun. though i have oily skin too pero hindi severe.

      i don’t know acid mantle.

      yup dalacin c and eskinol clear with grains gamit ko :)

      • oo tama. dapat may resting period so that your skin can breathe. :)

        since last month hindi na ako gumagamit ng eskinol every night pero i continue to use lactacyd as facial wash para matangal yung oil and dirt sa face. :)

      • Uh, so di kana gumagamit ng eskinol ulit? Hmmm. Ako siguro ate mhgt ng one month since nung ngstop ako. I only use eskinol sa forehead nlng.. Hmm, gsto ko nga itry ult ate e. Give me some advice kasi di ko alm kung ano tlg ggmtn ko. If ttry ko ba ulit eskinol or hndi na

  3. Yung acid mantle sya daw ung prng shield s skn ntn, pra mprevent nya bacteria n ngccause ng pimples. Once na na strip yung acid mantle dn ngkkpimp. Naalis dw yung acid mantle pag sa soap, ksi alkaline sila. Dapat pH balanced lang daw. If may product k n gngmt sa face dpt may citric acid sya. Try mo ate yung eskinol w/o grains ksi my citric sya(ph balanced). Oky lng na gamitin ate yubg lacta. Kasi acid dn sya. Anyway pag ba ginagamit mo yung lactacyd dnadilute mo p sa water?:)

    • hindi ko na dinidillute :) direct na.

      actually dapat talag pH balanced like what my best friend told me kasi chem eng’g sya and she advised me to use water based products if there are some acid i need to be sure it is not that many.

      kaya naghahanap ako ng any water based solution and since lactacyd is intended for baby skin so it is balanced naman.

      about eskinol, hindi ko sure yun but it is effective though when you read the content it is full of chemicals right? so we need to be sure on what we are going to use.

      careful kasi ako sa pag pili ng mga products especially pag facial product kasi hindi naman talaga ako acne prone dati nung nag-aral lang ako sa manila ako nag-start kasi polluted ang environment. :)

      • Dba sabi nila mas better if leass chemicals.. :/ natatakot na kasi ako mgeskinol. Pero gsto ko ult itry.. :/ Haay.

      • try mo ulit. with continue use.

        gumagamit pa ako ng eskinol hindi lang madalas.

        sa gabi lang ako naglalagay nun and sa umaga wash ko yung face ko with lactacyd.

  4. Nung ako naman ate, halos everyday gamit ko eskinol.. Haay. Oily kasi ako.. Hmmm, pag ngooily ka, ano gngwa mo? D rn ako ngmmakeup and powder.. Ilan times ka wash ng face mo?

    • pag nasa bahay ako pwede ako mag wash ng face pero pag outside indi ko ginagalaw minsan powder lang kasi yung oil and dirt magc-clog sa pores that starts pimples.

      minsan kasi sa hormone din ang pimples eh.
      2-3 times a day is enough. hindi rin okay ang mag wash ng mag wash kasi magd-dry naman.

      ayos lang maging oily yung face natin kasi nagm-moisturize yun what is not okay is pag sobrang mag release ng oil yung glands natin.

    • pwede ka mag facial scrub everyday, nagtatanggal yun ng dead skin cells and try mo muna yung garnier then if hindi okay change ka ng product try mo yun ng 1-2 months pero kung walang development try mo yung recommendations ko.. :) tc!

      • pwede rin yun ang reason but sometimes the effect of the product is to clean all the impurities on your face (clog pores). :) you should try it for another week, dapat by that time naka release na lahat ng impurities sa face mo kasi scrub naman yan. :)

        pag di ganun ang effect try my advice. :)
        I will try a natural home-made facial mask and I’ll share it to you when I’ve tried it. :)

      • Natatakot kasi ako e.. Im going to use lactacyd nlng muna.. May period p nmn ako ngyn.. Ngstopped nako gmuamit ng garnier knnaz.

      • alright. :)
        pwede naman yun, mag lactacyd ka na lang. ako rin pag may period nagkka-pimples.. hormonal kasi yun pag ganun. i’ll be sharing you some info. :) maybe via twitter na lang kasi mahaba yun :)

    • Sige ate, follow me, para ma msg kita dun. :)
      Uh. Sba sabi mo yung mga relatives mo tntry yung lactacyd? My pimples dn b sila??

      Aynway, morning and night mo ba gngmit? :)
      im so impatient kasi ate. Cant wait for the result.. Haha

  5. Pero i have a bf nga, before dw nung hs sya ngkapimples sya. Tas ate nwala na nung ng college pero til now ngkkwhiteheads sya pero di halata yung whitehead nya bndang side lng sa cheeks hndi msydo. Never ny gingalaw face nya ayaw nya, oily dn sya. Tas kht anong soap gngmit nya. Sana gnn dn tyo. :)

    • it depends. actually matagal sya. at first, akala ko rin hindi effective but I realized when I continue to use it na effective sya. so, I just j=keep on using it. :) gumagamit ka rin ng eskinol?

      • Matagal tlg? Mga ilang weeks? Ksi til now ng kakawhiteheads p dn ako.. Small ones yung skn ate.. One week ko plng nyn sya gngmt tom..
        Di nako ngeeskinol e.. I’m afraid na.. Pero kht d ako ngeeskinol ngkakaroon p dn small ones..

      • Akala ko oneweek lng.. Hehe.. Siguro ngaadjust p yun skin pg gnn.. Ngkkwhiteheads p dn ako e. One week ko plng gngmt.

  6. Ate i stopped using the lactacyd kasi prng una dry face ko tas ilng oras na pily nako. :/ ngkkpimples p dn ak. Oneweek ko lng sya gnamit.. So impatient. :(
    Im using cyleina now. I hope it will work

      • hi! with continue use naman, it will gone. it excretes all your impurities kasi sa face. kaya dapat tuloy tuloy lang. na-prove ko na iyon and not only me, also my brother and sister use lactacyd na. they experienced breakouts din dati, ngayon hindi na. dorry for not replying here. I am gone offline here in my blog for 2 months kasi.

      • Hi ate i stopped it na, kasi dumadami pa dn whiteheads ko.. :( nung oct ko p inistop tpos my gnmt ako soap ate lumaki pimples ko..:( ngpacheckup ako derma, tas bngyn nya ko gamot prng mas lumabas.. :( nung sa firstderma akonngpacheckup, ngng rough daw skin ko, dhl b sa lactacyd yun? Kasi prng nggng acidic skin ki

  7. hi there :)) dhan dilla here. please help me i’m really having a hard time clearing these pimples on my face. urgh!. lactacyd facial wash is really efeective ba? :)

    • Hi! Alondra, how can I help you regarding with you acne problem? Let me see if I could help you. I am happy to give an advice just tell me what you need and how severe your acne is.

  8. Panu tamang paggamit ng flawless control acne kit? Kapag ba nawala na ung pimple marks titigil na ko sa pag gamit ng acne astringent? Wala ako idea, first time ko p lng to :/

    • Hi alexa!
      When I was using the kit naka dalawang kit ako except for the sas or acne soap na madaling maubos pero the rest I bought twice and now I am not using it anymore. By the way, while I am using the acne kit, nagpapa acne facial treatment ako sa flawless. That’s optional especially kung ayaw mo ng pain because they will prick your acne. I will recommend the treatment kung malalaki talaga and madami yung acne. As for my reason back then, I just wanna try if it is effective though expensive; and the answer is, effective sya especially kung maraming acne. Kung kaunti or minimal lang naman, pwede na yung acne kit. :) I hope I have helped you. :) thanks!

  9. HI. Did your face dry up when you are using these two products?
    Are you still using it now?
    May I also ask what kind of powder do you use?
    And, are you using suscreen in the morning time?
    Thanks. I am looking forward to getting a reply from you.

    • Hi Ann,

      My face doesn’t dry up and I am still using it. I use Johnson’s baby powder. Any loose powders will do but when I use compact powders it caused breakouts. Maybe because it can clogged my pores and using pressed powder sponge can clogged pores too. I need to wash it over and over whenever I use it though now when I use pressed powders I use powder brush because it can easily be cleaned up.

      I barely use sunscreen but when I use one, I use Flawless SPF 20 gel sunscreen. :)

      I hope this helped you and feel free to ask anything.

  10. Thank you :) It was very nice getting a reply from you. I felt like I just gained a nice friend. I actually had started using the dalacin c + eskinol classic(without grains) and they dried up my face. But today I bought eskinol with grains so I think with this change, it won’t cause dryness anymore. I am very much into wanting a clear skin on my face. Thanks for the great blog.

    • Hi Ann!

      I am happy that I helped you and Yes, you just gained a friend “online” feel free to share anything. :)

      At first I use Eskinol classic with grains because I have few blemishes and it fades quite fast. It will surely helped you to achieve more clearer face. Just continue using the products, you can see the difference in a month with continue use :)

      plus, always wash your face am/pm and aside from it you can wash your face if it becomes only to prevent clogged dirts on your pores. :)


  11. Hi anne, ask lang po ako if hindi ka na ba gumagamit ng sunscreen? Kasi nandito ako sa Dubai at mainit minsan kapag lumabas ako. Ano kaya ang magandang sunscreen? Salamat..

    • Hi Jinkee,

      Ako kasi it depends kung aalis ba ako or sa bahay lang. And pag mainit talaga you need to wear sunscreen kasi masusunog yung face mo kasi nalalagay ka ng Eskinol. I only use one brand, that’s Flawless’ sunblock gel.

      You can try other commercial sunscreens, the higher the SPF the better especially kung super init and exposed ka sa araw. :)

    • Hi Jinkee,

      Nivea, Vaseline, Belo, Clinique, Neutrogena and some cosmetic lines offers sunscreens too however I recommend that you go for organic and medically produced than cosmetics because it is good especially when you tend to have breakouts.

      Remember, choosing sunscreen for your face is like choosing a right moisturizer, facial wash and toners. :) We have different types of skins we have to be patient and observant if our face is reacting good towards on product. :)


  12. Btw ann, what if walang dalacin c? Ano pa ba ang pwedeng maihalo na anti bacterial. Sa eskinol? I really need ur help.. Thank u so much.. :-)

    • Hi Jinkee,

      Any clindamycin. Dalancin C is a brand name but the generic name of it is, clindamycin. Ask the pharmacist for clindamycin, Any brand name or even generic med will do. :)


    • Hi Jinkee,

      You are always welcome. :) If you need anything feel free to ask me. Just be patient when using Eskinol with clindamycin because you will see the results after a month and you breakouts will dry up fast if you use it frequently. :) I hope this helped you. You can use also Lactacyd blue if you have sensitive skin because this is intended for baby skins so it is a mild facial wash for us. :)


  13. Hi there again. Are you still washing your face twice with Lactacyd. Like wash and rinse and then doing it for the second time?
    Did you also have a rest period in using these products. They said it is necessary to rest your skin from it.
    How long have you been using these two products?
    Thanks again.

    • Hi,

      Yes, I am washing it twice. Especially when my face is very oily. Yes, I have a rest period on using Eskinol but I didn’t stop using Lactacyd because it is my facial wash.

      Yes, you have to take a break so that your skin can breathe from all the chemicals. I am using these products since 2011 or later.

      When my face doesn’t have any pimples, I did not use Eskinol because sometimes I am lazy at night but never be lazy washing your face AM/PM.


  14. hi.nababasa ko ung mga comments dito and i just tried using lactacyd the blue for 2 days na…hope mgng mgnda ang effect..ok lng kya sya gmtin ng myra e fa ial moisturizaer o kya ung celeteque…waiting for your replies.salamay! :-)

    • Hi Shai,

      Yes, pwede mong gamitan ng Myra moisturizer. Actually gumagamit rin ako niyan kasi water based moisturizer yan hindi cream based so pwede sa sensitive skin :) effective rin and umiinom rin ako bg Myra 400 E. Celeteque, dati gumamit ako nian and hindi ako hiyang but you can try na rin. Depende kasi sa type ng skin natin ang effectivity ng isang brand. :)

      • cge…salamt…gaano ktgl k n ngmit nung lactacyd? ska pdeng ndi na idilute sa tubg? ung akin kc direct ko n nllgy..pero minimal amount lng…tnx sa reply.ur a great help:-)

      • Hi Shai,

        Mga 2 years na :) yes direct ko nilalagay and minsan pag super oily twice ako nagwwash ng face :) thank you rin! Please always visit my blog :)

  15. Hello po ulit.hehehe.ask ko lng ok lng nmn siguro kung ndi n ako gumamit ng toner after ko ng lactacyd..moisturizer n lng…

    • Pwede naman :) but you can use toner like pore minimizer if you have big pores and facial toners helps to clean your face thoroughly kasi pag facial wash lang hindi masyadong natatangal ang dirts. I use toners sometimes especially if galing ako sa mausok na lugar. :) you can use different types of toners depending on what you need :)

      • Ang ginagamit ko flawless acne kit and then switched to eskinol with clyndamycin kasi may pimples ako dati but Sometimes I use also pore minimizers. Eskinol may oil control toner sila and Belo meron din pore minimizer with oil control. :) for sometime, I used Garnier oil control toner. It is okay too. :)

  16. Hi ms.ankrish.hehe mangungulit po ulit…mga gaano kdmi ung gngmit mo na lactacyd..ahm minimal amount din ba sau?

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  18. Hi there. Jess here. Hope you could help me.
    When I was in 3rd yr highschool nagka break out ako super dami, super frustrated ako tas depressed :(.Back then nung umiyak na talaga ako sa harap ng mama ko, binigyan nya ako ng Dalacin C and eskinol. I kept using it and it was really effective. I lived in Tacloban at that time. Hindi ganun ka grabeh pollution dun compared to where I’m living now because of studies. So uhm anyways yun na nga by the time na fourth year na ako, wait, actually nung JS prom namin nung 3rd yr ako wala na talaga akong pimples that time pero christmas party namin nung 3rd yr ako madami pa. Prom was held on february ata so more or less 2 months lang nawala na yung pimples ko..
    I am now third year college. Sa cebu na ako nakatira ngayon cos i’m studying here. Anyways.. as far as I can remember, I continued using Eskinol + Dalacin C until end of my first year as college. Around end of 2011 ata ako nagstop.
    Hindi naman ako nagkapimple kahit di nako mashado gumagamit o kahit nagstop akong gumamit. One reason why I stopped din is because may maraming araw na nabababad ako sa araw. 1st and 2nd yr kase namin may subj kami na sa field ang activity for 3hours.

    Then summer of 2012, I started being active in a fandom. Kumbaga naging fangirl ako. Tas lagi akong nasa internet upto 5 am. BUT IVE ALWAYS BEEN LIKE THAT NAMAN. Staying up late. Always nagcocomputer. Caffeine addict ng konti especially during exam weeks. Yung difference lang talaga is naging active ako sa fandom. Kumbaga sanay ako di matulog at magbabad sa computer. (Mas dumalas o tumagal ngalang pagbabad ko sa computer.) BUT, NAG BREAK OUT ULI AKO. HUHUHUHU Tas massive pimples pa. parang version 2.0 nung breakout ko nung highschool.
    The moment na nagbreakout ako I immediately went back to using dalcinc+eskinol. kampanteng kampante pa ako na wala lang yung break out kase I knew eskinol would save me. But, after around 3months di parin sya tumalab. Lalo pa lumala pimples ko. Lumala ng lumala. So march of this year nagpaderma na talaga ako. Kaso mga 3-4 months lang then nagstop na naman ako. Nagreced naman siya dahil sa derma. Kaso nagkakapimple parin ako and stuff plus yung derma ko kasi nasa Tacloban so parang nahirapan akong mabiyahe biyahe. So ayun, lumala na naman. Then last September my friend told me to use panoxyl cream, sinamahan niya ako bumili ng facial wash, toner, moisturizer, saka panoxyl. I used it tas maganda naman result, after about 2 weeks I noticed some improvement. My classmates noticed it too.
    But unfortunately sembreak came, tas parang nagkaubusan ng stock ng panoxyl dito ngayon. Ewan ko kung bakit. Tas nag Yolanda pa. and earthquake. Around one month yung sembreak namin. The whole sembreak di ako gumamit ng panoxyl. What happened is.. version 3.0 na pimples ko -______- Huhuhu

    I don’t know what to do anymore. Please help me. Level ng frustration and depression ko ngayon mas malala pa nung highschool. I not only cry, I even think of jumping off a cliff somewhere (this thoughts come during emotional fridays. emotional talaga ako on fridays ewan kung bakit). Like seriously. -_- Ayoko maging suicidal just because of this. Huhuhu Ever since sa breakout o nagstart akong mag fandom. Sa kwarto lang ako nagkukulong. Bumababa lang ako nowadays kung kakain na. Saka pasok sa school. Di ko din naging bet umuwi sa Tacloban kasi lagi akong sinasama ng mama ko sa family gatherings. Kung di ko ngalang talaga mahal mama ko at saka kung di lang ako takot sa kanya, di ko gusto sumama sa mga family meetings/parties. I dont even celebrate my birthday anymore. Ayoko makipagkita kahit kanino. Confidence level: below sea level.

    After sembreak I bought a new facial wash. Pero hindi pa ubos yung dati kong ginagamit na St. Ives green tea facial wash. So ngayon parang dalawang facial wash gamit ko. I finally got hold of panoxyl about two weeks ago. Pero I’m feeling impatient and hopeless so nagstop ako just this week.

    Please help me :(( After reading your post I’m thinking about going back to using eskinol again but I’m afraid. Baka lumala. What do you i should do? Should I stop using any product lang muna for the rest of the year? Baka kasi naiirritate nadin skin ko kakalagay ng diff products. But nakakadry yung panoxyl. mejo nagdry skin ko so i really still have to use moisturizer. As for facial wash. Ayoko talaga muna gumamit kaso di ko maiwasan kase wala naman akong other option. Wala akong facial soap or whatsoever. On weekends o times na di ako nagfe-facial wash pure tubig lang but i can’t do that on school days kase parang di ako comportable.

    Hope you could help me. And IM REALLY REALLY SORRY kung mahaba msg ko. Gusto ko lang talaga maexplain. God bless. xx

    • Hi Jessica,

      I know what you feel but give yourself high hopes. Pimples lang yan and you can treat it. I will do my best to help you. First, You can consider your hormones because it changes especially pag nagco-college because of stress and pressure your body releases different hormones to combat your stress in school. Consider also your diet, if you tend to eat nuts or any other oily foods, it can contribute pimples because your face can be oily and as you have said much polluted yung place mo ngayon, OILY FACE + DIRT can clogged your pores and INFECTION comes. Kaya nga you use Dalancin C because it is an antibiotic.

      Second, sleeping pattern. try to sleep early and change your body clock. You can do this one step at a time hindi biglaan because dapat masanay kang matulog ng maaga. Anong Fandom ka? :)

      Third, try eskinol and dalacin c again. What facial cleanser do you use? try Lactacyd blue. It is mild for your face because doctors recommend it to babies that is why it mild. WASH your face DAILY. AM and PM except if you feel oily you may wash your face. Try to use it REGULARLY. DO NOT SKIP ANY DAY.

      Fourth, If number three is not really working for you, try to go to Flawless and ask them to give you, an ACNE FACIAL TREATMENT and buy an ACNE KIT. On my part these helped me a lot. You can undergo in facial treatment once a month or every two months or whenever you like but remember, never overdo things. Once a month is the minimum ha. BE COMMITTED, when using the acne kit. Use it regularly.

      Fifth, WASH YOUR FACE. DO NOT USE ANY MAKE-UP for the meantime. DRINK MORE WATER. HYDRATE. HYDRATE. DO NOT touch your face ESPECIALLY your PIMPLES, you just putting much more bacteria to your face.

      Sixth, Stay positive. Always smile. You can eventually gain your confidence. Never give up.

      Seventh, Do not use products that you are not sure. OBSERVE your FACE. Is it oily? Dry? or Normal? Always consider the ingredients of the products. If you have seen too much chemicals, Do not use it (I am not happy putting too much chemicals on my face, I try to lesser chemical products and go to medicated and organic products as much as I can)

      I hope these advice help you to get through to your acne problems. Let me know if you have questions. PLEASE share my blog and this post. :) FOLLOW me too if you have a blog. :D

      You can follow me at these sites:
      Twitter: @annakrisha
      Instagram: @summeraine01
      Pinterest: ankrishds
      Tumblr: right-and-real

      Thank you!


      • Maybe due to stress nga talaga. Saka lack of sleep. Pero sabi ng derma ko dati di daw nakaka affect yung sleep(?). hhhmmm. Diet naman. Pro water talaga ako saka ayaw ko ng malamig na tubig. Depende kung uhaw talaga ako. And I don’;t like peanuts as well, kung kakain man ako, parang sinisipsip ko lang yung salty taste tas the rest tinatapon. Nasususka naman ako sa peanut butter (and mayo). ANYAYARE ba sakin? Hahaha. Pansin ko din (self evaluation) i don’t think ganun ka oily face ko. Hhhmm -_____-
        Pero lumaki pores ko. Nag start ako magka black heads ng 1st yr college kase nagtry ako gumamit ng nose strip. Nacurious kase ako :( Wala akong blackheads that time.

        Sleeping habit talaga ako guilty. I’m struggling in that area. Kahit na mag alarm ako o reminder na 10:30 dapat tulog na ako.. wa epek. Kase minsan din around that time na gumagana isip ko (for studies.. exams.. assignments).
        (Hehehe. nag Kpop ako recently. Pero yung fandom na tinutukoy ko na sinisisi ko din minsan na may kasalanan at pasimuno ng sleepless nights ko eh yung “JE” wala na sila ngayon, local artists lang yan, mga bagets. Hehehe pero before pa talaga, I always stay up late kase marami akong american series na pinapanood like himym, friends, revenge, gg etc etc)

        Hhhmm so suggets mo po ate na bumalik talaga ako sa eskinol + dalacin c tas gumamit ng lactacyd? SHOULD I START RIGHT AWAY BA? Or like, should I let my skin rest from products muna..hhhmm

        Actually yung nisearch ko sa net is “lactacyd as pimple remedy” dun ko na nakita blog mo po :)) I searched it kase yung cousin ko na punong puno talaga ng pimples yung mukha nya before, sabi ng mom nya lactacyd daw ginamit nila.

        Facial wash ko po is yung isa St. Ives Green Tea Gel Cleanser saka yung isa is Panoxyl Soap Free Cleanser. Toner ko naman Celeteque Hydration. Then moisturizer Celeteque Acne Solutions.

        Huhuhu low on budget pa. I kennat pa ang number four. But I shall do that again once everything is back to normal :)

        I shouldn skip on lactacyd po? kahit weekeneds? how about the eskinol + dalacin c? I read somewhere in your comments you don’t use it in the morning. dati di ko din ginagamit pagmorning.

        Uhm.. I’ve been touching some (okay all) of my pimps po. I have scars na -____- Any way I could get rid of them po ba?

      • Hi!

        Lack of sleep is a factor believe me. I experienced it when I was in college. Stress and I’m in a polluted place. Combo factor yun. Hormones too!

        You can use lactacyd everyday. Do not skip any day. Use it as you facial cleanser. All the products you have mentioned were not effective on me and gumastos pa ako ng marami to buy those products and hindi naman effective.

        I do not use eskinol in the mornibg because it can burn my skin. But I use it every night. I use lactacyd everyday as my facial cleanser until now.

        Hydrate more. Flawless acne treatment is below 500 and acne kit is 1000 (you can use it for two months; it depends on how tipid you are.) ang mabilis lang na maubos is the sas soap which cost 140.

        If pores naman ang problem, you can use pore minimizers. But I advice you to treat your acne before minimizing your pores because uulit ulit lang yun at baka dumami lalo.

        If scars, depende sa severity nung scars. Nakukuha naman sa eskinol yung blemishes though it took a while before it disappear. The acne kit in flawless have acne blemish astringent which is effective!! I am a fan of that astringent! :) haha!

        I am not forcing you to go to a derma but I am letting you know that these is effective too and mabilis unlike eskinol and lactacyd.

        When you use eskinol and lactacyd you need patience. GIVE IT A TRY! Wait for it to take effect. Do not be afraid if wehn you use the products lalong dumami because your pores secretes all the dirts in your face then after that it will all heal. Lalabas muna lahat ng pimples na dapat lalabas pa lang then tsaka gagamutin yun nung product. Be patient. :)

        You can start using the products anytime. :)


      • Hahaha. Kk po. :)) I shall take note of your advices. I’ll start this week nalang or next week. Maghahanap muna ako ng lactacyd saka eskinol and dalacin c :) Thanks po ulit for the help. Sana tumalab gaya nung dati. :D

      • Yup. Sana nga. If walang dalacin c ikaw na mabili, you can ask the pharma for clyndamycin, that’s the generic name for dalacin c :) hihi! Take care!

  19. Hello ate ! I just want to share this.I’ve been using this mixture but with maxi peel no. 2 for almost 1 week and I noticed nagkakaroon ako ng little bumps sa may cheeks ko and jawline. I have oily skin and I hate it so much. >.< Do you think i should stop using this? Kasi before maxi peel soap lang gamit ko then nung gumamit ako ng eskinol with climdimycin wthout maxi peel sol. nagkaroon na ako ng little bumps. :((( Sa tingin ko di ako hiyang.

    I want to use the lactacyd baby bath 'coz I saw some good reviews. I have acne scars also. I want to get rid of them that's why I use maxi peel soap. What do you think ate?

    How long did you notice the effect of it in you? God bless! Thanks in advance! Happy new yea! :)))

    • Hi!!

      Depende kasi sa solution yun. Hindi pa ako nagttry ng maxi peel but what i know is, iba ang components ng maxi peel at eskinol so pag hinaluan ng clindamycin iba rin ang reaction nito. So, if you are hiyang sa maxi peel just use it without clindamycin. And yung sa lactacyd blue naman, hindi yun harsh sa skin kasi intended for sensitive and baby skin yung formula :)

      If you have any follow up questions, just comment me back :)

      Sorry if this is so late, medyo busy kasi nag holidays :) anyway, belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! :)

  20. Hai ate . Nakakaalis din po ba ng Acne scars yung Solution ng Eskinol at Dalacin c ? Marami po kse ako nun sa noo gusto kong itry yung nirerecommend mo kasi nagkakaBreak- outs din ako simula ng nagCollege nako napoPollute sguro kasi sa manila pa ko nag-aaral .
    And sa tingin nyo po ba Compatible yung dalacin c sa lahat ng toners ? Gamit ko kasi ngayon Garnier multi-action toner , eh saying nman kung papalitan ko ng eskinol kase marami pa syang laman .
    Pls. Reply ate . Thank you GOD BLESS :)

    • Hi Chachiiieee,

      Sorry for this very late reply. Nakakaalis ng scars though it takes longer pero naaalis naman eventually. I don’t know if compatible ang Dalacin C sa ibang toners kasi Eskinol lang yung ginagamit ko na may Dalacin C. I hope this helps. :) balitaan mo ako kung ok na ha. :) take care!


      • Thanks po sa reply , Ioobserve ko po muna kung eepekto . 2 days ko plng sya ngagamit ee . Kaya hihintayin ko . Habang tumatagal kasi dumadami na sila :( ang hard sa feeling . Anyways , Thanks po ulit :)

  21. Hi :) ginagamit ko tong eskinol+dalacin c . and any secret pars Hindi mag ka breakouts is Myra e capsule . nung una eskinol and dalacin c lang yung ginagamit ko and nag kaka breakouts aq so iresearch and research and research hahaha and i found Myra e capsule . since yung eskinol and dalacin c ay nagheheal sa pimples and acne and natutuyo sila may possibility din na magbalat yung skin naten so ang gamit ng Myra e is moisturize your face .
    Simula nung ginamit ko tong tatlong to in one bottle nawala na yung pimples ko and yung dark pimple marks ko naging very very light na actually yung iba nawala na :)
    After ko gamitin to I use celeteque moisturizer hydration its only php127 for 50ml it can last for 2 and half months I used this in morning and after my eskinol I used this in evening .
    By the way I just want to share my facial scrub . siguro nakatulong din to para maglight yung pimple marks ko and Lara matanggal hung dead skin ng face ko . I used clearasil deep pore treatment scrub even wala pang 1week ko tong ginagamit I love the result . ang kinis na ng face ko mga 3-4pimple marks an lang ang makikita but super light nila :)
    *I just want to share lang and I hope sana makatulong syempre girls hate pimples and pimple marks :)
    Actually dahil sa effect nung clearasil deep pore treatment scrub ginamit na din sya ng boyfriend ko maglessen din yung pimple marks nya .

    • Hi Jeh,

      Thank you for your advice! :) it is good to know that there are more ways to fight acne. :) I even use Myra E moisturizer and Myra 400 E as my vitamins :) it helps too. The vitamin E itself can be used as moisturizer too. I even used it and it is nice. It fights wrinkles too. :)

      Thank you Jeh!

      Hoping to here more stories and advices from you and to others.


  22. Hi! ask ko lang if you’re still using lactacyd baby bath for face? Im on my first week so wala pa masyado results.hehehe. ask ko lang ilang minutes mo sya pinapatagal sa face? and any suggestions for the marks? Im using lemon kasi sa face and natatagalan ako sa results! hehe thanks! :)))

    • Yes, I still use it. :) Ang maiaadvice ko lang pangtanggal ng marks is eskinol. :) effective kasi eh. Although mas mabilis ang effect nung sa Flawless kaya lang ang mahal talaga. For much natural way, lemon talaga. :)

  23. Thank you! :) btw. Napansin ko lang nung gnamit ko tong lactacyd may micropeeling ako sa bandang may pimples. And nakakawala ba ng redness itong lactacyd? May nbasa kasi ako na pwede ito sa rashes and naisip ko baka mgaling din ito sa mga red pimps haha!

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